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4-HO-MiPT - First trip ever


Hey everyone, I've been reading this forum for months but joined to post a short report of my first trip last night. The only other drugs I have experience with are weed, oxycodone, alcohol, tobacco, and various benzos. A few days ago I ordered 250mg of 4-HO-MiPT from a well known vendor, and it arrived here yesterday. Here's a rough timeline of my experience:

9:15 PM- My mg scale has not arrived yet, so I decide to take the risk and eyeball a dose. I get a small, pinhead sized pile on the tip of my knife, I roll up a bill, and I snort it. There is next to no burn, and while the drip is quite bitter, it's not too bad and it's easily covered up by drinking something sweet.

9:50 PM- I'm feeling nothing really, aside from maybe placebo.

10:04 PM- My heart rate is starting to greatly increase, but nothing else yet.

At this point, I'll skip some pointless stuff and shorten it. From 10:10 to around 10:45 PM, I snorted 3 more small pinhead piles, and STILL felt next to nothing aside from a very rapid heartbeat and sweating.

10:45 PM- I realize that something is up with the snorting, and decide to try some orally instead. I take 3 pinhead piles with my knife, and put them in a piece of tissue paper to parachute them. It goes down quite easily. I then take 2 more pinhead amounts and drop them under my tongue for another ROA just to be sure.

12:00 AM- This is when it finally starts to kick in. No idea why it took so long, but I feel it deep inside me and it's obvious it's getting stronger. The letters on my screen take on a really trippy 3D aspect, everything in my vision looks extremely sharp and clear, like everything is 1080p HD. I feel a slow, rising euphoria in every inch of my body, but especially my arms and legs.

12:30 AM- At this point, I am very much on a +3 on Shulgin's scale. I would say this was my peak. I have this really trippy, rapid flash superimposed on my peripheral vision, it doesn't bother me or anything, but this stays for most of the trip. If I lay back and stare at the ceiling, it starts to get patterns and morph and twist in on itself. The same thing happens to the walls, and it looks like the ceiling and walls are slowly closing in on me. This doesn't bother me at all, because I still very much realize it's just the drug. I decide to close my eyes, and I am greeted by the most clear, powerful CEVs I have ever seen. I was seeing bizarre yin/yang looking symbols, and dark red swirling fractals. I open my eyes back up shortly because the euphoria and OEVs were so cool. I look at the surface of my desk, and it looks as if it's breathing just like I am, at the same pace of my breath. The whorls in the wood turn into 2 tiny microscopic armies/groups, and charge at each other.

1:15 AM- The peak is still cruising along smoothly, but I think it stopped getting stronger. The feeling throughout my whole body feels like that calm euphoria immediately after you orgasm, and (apologies if anyone is offended by this part) when I reach down below to jerk it, the feeling of contact is fucking amazing. When I climax, it's harder and stronger than any I've ever had in my life before. It lasts for what feels like an eternity, as if the stuff is pouring forth from something deep and ancient inside me.

1:45 AM- By this point, I am certain I am on the comedown. I suspect this is because somehow, the insufflation did little to nothing, and the dose I ingested orally was probably only around 10-12mg.

2:30 AM- I go to sleep, and even though I feel like I'm at baseline right now, I'm still getting visuals when I look at my ceiling, and my mind is still racing a million miles per hour. I wish I had weed to smoke to help get to sleep. I stick through it, and finally after 45 minutes I fall into a deep sleep.

Conclusions- Overall, this was probably my best drug experience so far in my relatively young life (age 21). I never felt anything scary or negative from it, and it was a purely positive experience. I have an mg scale coming in the mail soon, when it arrives I'm going to attempt a 20mg dose. I'll be sure to post a trip report here.

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