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A lot of MDMA!

An unexpected trip.

It was a beatiful evening, the warmth and glow of the evening sun was leaving us for another day. Myself and a friend were in the back garden enjoying some quality music with a few smokes and a couple of beers, I was very much content. We were anticipating an upcoming music festival, chatting non-stop about how great the line-up was and how much we were looking forward to seeing our other good friends, and of course, about how much we were looking forward to getting f**ked up on the 5gs of MDMA that we had purchased for the occasion!
As the evening progressed, and the music got louder, my friend turned to me and said, "I'd love to see how good that stuff is", refering to the MDMA of course. I was reluctant. He went inside to where it was stashed and brought it out for me to look at it in an effort to get me on board with his great idea. It was a nice big bag of brown crystal. Needless to say, as soon as I actually seen the bag, I was up for it!
So we both did a nice big nostral full and after less than 10 mins we were dangling from the moon! We were chatting about everything and nothing. We were the two happiest people on the planet, and we loved each other!!
The night progressed further, we moved indoors and there was another line taken. It was a blurred flurry of moving from room to room, we just could not settle, still having a great time nonetheless. I decided after another while that I was going to take another line, but my friend said that he had enough and that he was happy with his buzz. I treated myself to a nice thick line. And an hour later another. And then shortly after another.
The peak was long gone, but we were still good. My friend suggested that we chill in his room, smoke some weed and listen to music. We lay on the bed, whilst watching music videos, and then, like a slap in the face sh*t got weird.
 I didn't know what was going on, I had forgotten where I was for a minute or two, and then I came back. I couldnt understand why I felt like I was somewhere else, when I was clearly sitting in my friends room. I stood up and announced "what the f**k is happening?". My friend asked me was I ok, and after an attempt to describe to him what was going on he explained that I may in fact be tripping. I had taken MDMA more than a few times prior to this night and never experienced anything like this, so, of course I was freaking out a little. The only way I could describe it was like being in a lucid dream. It was a similar head state to the one I was in after taking acid a few weeks previous, which was strange. I had a few very strong visuals. My friend asked again if I was ok, and when I looked at him, his face was coverd in beard hair and had one single brown eye in the center (note: my friend has blue eyes!) I has a horrible feeling in my stomach, I was not enjoying what was happening to me at this point. I looked at my friend again as he was watching the tv, and i had seen a fist sized plastic toy baby crawl from his shoulder down to his elbow. It was THE most reallistic and horrific hallucination Ive ever had, and Ive tripped a lot before this.
I blacked out, for what seemed and age, and came back, and then it happened again, and again and again. This happened for the rest of the time that I was on this "trip", I didn't experience the crash, because, due to some divine miracle I was able to sleep, despite the strange closed eye visuals and ridiculous thoughts that were racing through my brain. 
My friend suggested that I focus on something, so he put on a movie. (Keep in mind that I was constantly blacking out). I watched it, but kept forgetting what the movie was about. It was very frustrating. I looked down at my lime green tshirt for a brief moment, and for some reason, I was sure that I was a cruise ship represenative. My friend told me that I had turned to him and asked "what time do I start work?", "I need to change into my tshirt with the cruise liner logo on it"!
I also began thinking that I was in full converstion with him for a little while, repeatedly asking him "what did you say?", him responding with, "I said nothing!". I was fully sure that we were chatting. After that, I can't really remember what went on. All I remember after that is battling with my brain for some sleep, to which, as I mentioned earlier, I was sucessful.
As experienced as I am with "fun", I had never thought that I'd get into such a state after MDMA. My friend told me that smoking weed on top of what I had taken had brought on the tripping that I had experienced (is this ture?).
 I was out for some tweeked chill time with my friend, and it ended up with me feeling like I was losing my mind! I have done MDMA a few times since and have experienced something similar, but not to that extent. Wow-wee!!

(I just realised that this report is posted in the wrong category. My apologies.)

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