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Ketamine, MDA, And 2cb bad trip!

lose your mind

So last year I went to LIFE festival in Mullangar Ireland for a three day mash up with a few friends, an electronic/everything with a beat festival,  me and my mate L made it down on the second night and were extra excited, shortly after arriving with a head full of vodka I began dropping some MDA pills, normal shit all loved up trippy as fuck but nothing too bad , dancing away for a couple hours then it hit 6 am and it was time to head back to the campsite, so I ended up wondering off  on my own and stumbled upon a large tent full of lads from the country , I greeted myself as the horse whisperer and asked if they had some ketamine I could have! The one that looked like their ring leader had some so I purchased 1 gram and went to town on it, soon things were different,  I was now running around like a child in a playground tripping my balls off, I can actually recall crawling on the muddy ground thinking I was a crocodile like creature and snapping my jaws at passers by, I was truely messed up the trip felt like a lucid dream.

After some time I was still working away from the bag of ketamine and still pretty fucked up, I could hear a voice in the distance saying "anyone want 2cbs?" As he walked around the campsite in the early hours, I quickly said to myself I will get them for tomorrow night ! So I wobbled over still trippin and purchasd 4 little white tabs the size of a match head, then I decided as the sun was coming up to sniff the rest of my bag of ketamine ( about .4 of a gram) to go into the depths of the K-hole, I remember laying on the grass as the sun hit my face and slipping away into my subconscious, falling into a sadistic tunnel of troubled thoughts I woke up from the hole tripping my balls way too hard! Turns out I had eating all four tabs of 2cb when I was in the ketamines hold. 

With the fact that I had no clue I had eating them, be seriously dehydrated from all night before drinking doing mda and ket, and the amount of unfamiliar faces surrounding me I knew I was in trouble , the anxiety kicked in and I began too panic looking for my mate L , the tents around me were being bombarded by strong winds and the ripples were all coming in my direction,  the world around me took an evil green colour and passers by were all seemingly talking about  me, saying stuff like " look how fucked he is, " and " hes never going to make it" , just stuuf you do not want manifesting in your mind on a wild trip, maybe they were sayin it but il never know for certain, anyway I found L in a tent and he was too fucked up for words laying there tripped of his mind I knew I wasnt welcome to stay , he looked like a giant alien tumor  covered ball sinking into the ground, I knew then I needed help and fast this trip has an overall evil feel to it the strangers around me were all looking at me with intensely cross/angry blocky faces, I began to believe they were all focusing on me to give me a massive heart attack through a kind of 'joined mind power  thing and then my friend A found me and I begged her to take me away because I could berely make out 10 feet infront of me the air around me was a honeycombed alien like dome and it felt likei wasnt aloud walk or I would die, the panic was overwhelming and I believed my heart was going to pop so I ended up in the first aid tent , then thats when I was peaking on this hellish joyride, I began to be stuck in a loop that lasted 4 hours, at the start I was on a medical table holding on to my friend A freaked out of my mind then the docs were interigating me saying "theres nothing wrong with you your a fuckin fool" and being serious harsh, then it would start again and it would be me being an arsehole to them and this would replay again and again , until I remember falling into a weird state with my eyes closed and  hearing people above me with a defibrillator making the beep sound, they were reviving me because In my head I believed I had a heart attack , then I woke up from this mental state and the trip was lighter and more controlled , turns out they were nice people and I was stuck in a loop screaming to myself while my friend A helped me through it, after that I was confused and when I got back to our campsite I got told I was running around shouting really weird shit at people, I just went to sleep in the tent after that... 

After that experience I have a new respect for hallucinogenics , the imagination controls everything, be safe and peace out !

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