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Shroom Trip with Friends

Building community and giving enlightenment.

My roommate and I decided to try some gold-cap shrooms we had gotten from another housemate of ours. We had an 1/8th because we'd never done anything like it before, but my girlfriend was in the house as a sober person who could keep us sane.

We ate them in peanut butter sandwiches and really couldn't taste much of their flavor. After that, we tried sitting down to watch tv, but we were too nervous to focus on the show and decided to listen to some music instead. We went into my room where my girlfriend was on the computer, and she picked music for us for the night (mostly trance and electronic). About 20 minutes in, mike and I started feeling a very gradual build-up. It started out like being stoned, but quickly grew until I felt more high than weed had ever brought me. It was relaxing nonetheless and made me giggly as my vision started changing. At first, the pattern on the wall of my room started moving around as if it was just projected on. The texture of it grew and enhanced until I was seeing face silhouettes in it and my roommate said he was seeing cryptic letters.

Both of us were sitting on the bed, but had to lay down as our motor skills faded away. I tried closing my eyes and I saw amazing colors and patterns..it started with shooting rainbows and progressed into hexagonal patterns that grew and morphed. This period of come-up came along with an incredible mind and body high that kept us from talking for a long time. I had a moment where I was so lost in my mind that I didn't know if I was upside-down or which way was up, but I surrendered to its effects to enjoy the ride. At the times I did snap out of my trance, it was only to sit up and drink water, because I was intensely thirsty the whole time. In the peak of my trip, I understood what it meant when others said that time would lose its meaning. It felt like I was basking in an endless moment, and had really lived for the first time. During this time, I also saw nature-themed visions and swirling, growing mini-mushrooms. If I opened my eyes, I would see my girlfriend sitting on the other side of the room, and upon closing my eyes, my mind would try to predict what she would do. Opening my eyes again, I would see that of course I had guessed wrong, but the visions were highly realistic.

I had a moment where I saw what I had imagined to be the "DNA of the fabric of the universe" unwinding in my head. It actually excited me for a moment and made me think that I was on the verge of understanding it all, but I snapped out of it and felt silly for the thought. I also felt a little worried after feeling the power of what I had gotten into, and wondered whether I had made a mistake..also whether it was ever going to end. After a moment of regretting the experience, I realized how unique it truly was and reversed my thinking. I hoped that it wouldn't end.

My intense visuals calmed down, and the world simply existed in a very surreal state. I still had very little concept of time, and my spatial dimensions were off. I saw my room compressed into a nearly 2-dimensional version of itself where the things I saw in front of me were like a weird "paper-mario" style. A bit later, it was as if I was looking through a fish-eye lens.

The surrealism of the world around me came in waves, and whenever there was a moment of sobriety, I would realize how badly I needed to go to the bathroom. Afraid to leave the room alone, because it had become our safe place..me, my roommate, and my girlfriend would all go together and come right back. The short walk down the hall made us feel like staggering drunks. The intense thirst made us visit the bathroom 3-4 times, I'm not able to say for sure.

The whole experience definitely brought us together, and the three of us laid next to each other for a while, enjoying the sense of community. I questioned whether I WAS my roommate, or even if I WAS my girlfriend, and felt that we weren't so different. Other than a few more unusual moments and a lingering body high, we were starting to snap out of it and had a good, pleasant come-down. I even joked that all the water we'd been drinking had been like a "cleanse." We spent a couple hours letting what had happened sink in and laughing about the things we'd seen. I spent most of the night thinking about this journey into my mind and hardly slept, but I still somehow felt refreshed in the morning. I woke up with a positive mindset and a new excitement about the world. It was a much-needed kickstart that let me see life in a new way.

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