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First Trip With Friend

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The night started off at around 11pm. I drove to a friends house and picked him up. We drove to his brothers house who lives in the city. (About a 15 minute drive.) We get to his brothers house and as soon as we walk in we walk into his brothers friend who was tripping hard. His brothers friend was telling us how good these mushrooms are. We all sat down in the living room smoked some weed and talked until about 3am. We bought our shrooms and got back to my friends around 3:30am. We both were excited and ready. Both of us ate 2 grams dry each and chewed them vigorously for a few minutes until they were almost liquid. They had a woody taste to them. Unsure on what type of shrooms but i assume cubes. After about 45 minutes so 4:15am we start to feel it. I go to use the bathroom and look in the mirror. My pupils were the size of dinner plates. I started dying of laughter because of this. I knew then that I started tripping. I went back to my friend and I told him whT happened in the bathroom and we were rolling for like ten minutes. Vision was enhanced but no visual just vibrant colors. Even the slightest thing funny made us die of laughter. I ended up going home at 7am and went to bed. I will definitely be doing Mushrooms again, especially since I started the cultivation process and waiting for colonization.

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