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First time solo trip

5grams. I underestimated shrooms..

Hey guys, first time posting in this forum, so go easy on me J Before I had my first trip I use to research the hell out of mushrooms on this forum, and I found many of the reports interesting; So this is my way of giving back to the community!

About me: I’m not 17 because the forums don’t allow under 18’s, doing VCE (high school), I consider myself a sometimes weird/crazy personality type but sometimes very chilled out. I have the drug experience/Experimented with: weed, eccy, speed, meth, alcohol, codeine and now mushrooms. I am very in control when mind altered (meaning I have safe trips) and can completely control my emotions (well that’s how I feel about myself)

If you are reading this and was like me, just finding out what to expect, dosage, can I do it at school? Should I do it alone? In my room? This is some information to read.

Here I go. I’ll try my best, I’m using my friend as a source of what some of the things we talked about and my rough judgement of the events that took place last night. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to recall all events, it’s just too much, sadly the best experiences I didn’t bother to explain, and it’s too hard.

First I’ll tell you my setting, I am at my grandparents’ house, my parents are away in Fiji and my grandparents’ house is a mansion. I have complete confidence that they will NOT come in my room during the trip. I planned to lock myself in my room since I very much liked the space, it is very modern, it has white plain walls with a white shiny door that has a rectangle pattern on the door; the carpet is light brown (good material) and the bed looks very new. I had a bit of food and mango green tea on my bench next to my bed, the room is directly connected to the bathroom witch looks beautiful, the room has very wide tiles all over, the shower has a very unique modern design of how the water drains and the mirrors looks awesome.  I was in a very excited/confident mood assured I won’t have a bad trip ( I overthought having a bad trip, but not too much) since I originally planned to do the shrooms at school the next day but I was too excited and didn’t think it was a good idea to do them at school, boy I was right.

7:53pm: I had bought 13 dried shrooms in capsules containing 1 gram each. I originally was going to have 3 to start off with but I knew that your first time is always the best and I wanted to have a very intense first time since I was sure I could handle it and originally thought I was just going to see stuff and get a type of weed head high, wow that thought was misleading.

I ingested 5 grams of dried mushrooms with mango green tea and didn’t feel nervous at all, I went upstairs told grandparents I’m having an early night tonight and got back into bed talking to friends on Facebook, talking to previous LSD users asking for cool things to watch or listen to. Every known and then I would check my mirror to see if my eyes dilated yet.

8:30: I was already very tired that night, meaning my mind wasn’t that clear and felt a bit out of it, I started to notice that this wasn’t the only thing effecting me as my pupils become a TINY bit bigger and I was starting to become confused and air headed, I become a little edgy and restless on when the trip will start, I was too excited but as I reached the hour mark, I still felt the same as before, just air headed and confused, no eye dilation, nothing is moving! I talked to my mates and shared my concerns that there is a delay, I knew that it will hit me very soon and hard but I was clueless why not NOW. I was in boxing my friend and he asked what I was feeling at the moment, I tried to type but I was getting very very confusing and it was harder to hold a normal conversation, as soon as I recognised I talked differently in chat and I was confusing myself, I knew the trip began.

9:10: This is when I can’t be that descriptive, events are hard to explain during and after doing mushrooms. I don’t remember how it happened but I remember that I looked at a silver air vent in the wall and it shifted or waved, which I don’t remember, I in boxed my mates yelling at them in joy, I became very fond of caps locks because it felt like it was describing how crazy things were getting in my mind. I stared at the rectangle pattern in my door and it started to melt then shift to a squeeze, then stretch downwards, and then the door would look like it was literally opening by moving backwards. I was thinking WOW this is COOL! The weird thing I remember every time I saw something move I felt a weird sensation, a little bit like the sensation of free falling in your tummy, it was somewhat unpleasant but pleasing.

9:40-12:00: Time is distorted and seemed ALLOT slower but yet remained at the same time. I FELT like my room was a ship in space but I knew this is retarded thinking, it was all just feels. My walls were pushing out and in when I decided to focus on it, the words on my screen would suddenly vanish and reappear, sometimes the end of a sentence would no joke do like a flip. I remember everything sometimes looking like I was wearing those very poor 3d glasses that were red and blue, everything had a 3d red and blue outline too it. I saw a type of Hollidiscope thing, more of a pentagon coloured vision on my wall, it shifted colours, it wasn’t strong but enough to see.

My mates recommended to draw but I was tripping WAY to hard I just couldn’t do it, even typing was just hard, not that it was like physically hard to type but the idea of typing was mentally hard to have the patience to do it. They gave me a pink Floyd soundtrack on YouTube to listen to and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I usually hate that type of music but my taste changed completely, pink Floyd is PERFECT for tripping, I STRONGLY recommend it or something of similar music. I put my laptop in my bathroom sink and started dancing looking at my black pupils fully dilated, I sent snapchats to my best mates and my eyes were somewhat pinging, they were very open and I was going CRAZY, I would laugh to myself sometimes thinking about how pupils are funny. I then had a shower and man it felt amazing, my body started to feel of that when you have an orgasm, I’m sorry but that’s best way to describe it. My mate then called me and we talked shit for 45mins on the phone, I would be describing how I felt like I was on the edge of something, like scales, I was the edge of sanity, the edge of happiness and sadness. I wanted everyone to be happy and that we only want good vibes, bad vibes are just bad. NOTHING made sense but if you were tripping, it sort of did, but was confusing to figure out. Everything was INTENSE.

Things shifted very quickly, I didn’t exactly care about things melting or breathing, or the colours. I started to get a STRONG emotion trip. I would overthink every situation which makes mushrooms what it is, I started to think about friendship and how talking really is sometimes pointless and how we only use it to connect to one another or some theory like that. I started to realise how I am the weird fellow in my school and how I become acceptant and happy of it, we all need someone to be weird and make someone laugh once on a while.

The best way to describe the experience was a very very deep state of mind that is very intense, your soul is talking and my best words to new people who do it is you have no idea what you’re getting into.


In conclusion: I have learnt so much from this experience witch was very unintentional. I understand how beautiful magic mushrooms are and how you must RESPECT this drug, it is not for the faint of hearted. DO NOT EVER DO THIS DRUG AT SCHOOL, it will be VERY unpleasant to not be able to express yourself to others, you WILL be paranoid if not a VERY confident person and you will simply be caught out by teachers I am 70% sure. Doing this drug at home is very dependent on how well you can balance your emotions and the setting, it is very easy to lead down a very sad path of depression, loosing sanity and happiness, that is what I believe to be the bad trip, not seeing scary things, but having bad vibes and imagination of what if. Make sure you have very happy music is a BIG factor in my trip and make sure you are comfortable. I recommend 3-3.5grams dried for a first trip, what I had was too intense for the average user, I am at the moment just astonished how powerful it really is, if you are new you have NO idea until you do it. I strongly recommend talking to people who understand what it’s like to trip and will just give you very good vibes along the trip and make you feel happy, it is very easy for someone to give you a bad trip by just saying 1 irritating thing. I actually had 1 bad flaw in my plan because my mum texted me and I got paranoid but then I put it at rest since what’s done is done, if she finds out I would at least enjoy this trip. Don’t let my words scare you, if you are confident you will be fine, don’t doubt yourself, it’s not too bad to doubt yourself it won’t affect your confidence into a good trip. Forgot to mention my trip lasted 6 hours, I had a panic attack the end or athsma attack, couldn’t breathe and my face was WAY over heated, had a athsma inhaler and was fine, went to bed with a hurting head hangover.


My next trip will be on 8grams dried next week, I am very scared to touch it again because of how powerful it is. Respect the mushroom. I plan to attempt to close my eyes and try to imagine, I also want to write and draw and really get into deep thinking. I will also have a sober person to make my trip more pleasant and hopefully help me uncover for me to learn more in depth un-thought of ideas deep inside me.

I hope you enjoyed the read, I am young, Naive and in the experimental stage. Please no bad vibes without construction. Peace guys and remember to think positive in life!

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