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1st Time With Shrooms Intense Level 5 Trip

The most horrifying experience of my life.

*Note: I left a couple of events out of the trip because my memory is still a bit foggy




It all started at my friend's house. We had bought shrooms 2 weeks prior and had been looking forward to the experience ever since then. My friend (Mas) had already done shrooms a couple times before.

We started the night off by turning on a bunch of black lights, followed by smoking a blunt and watching some Wilfred (The TV Series). We got nice and high and decided it was time to take the shrooms. It was about 12:30 AM. We grabbed our cups of OJ and sat down. The shrooms were dried. I took 2 grams and Mas took 1. I am unaware of what type they were.


*30 Minutes Later*

I started feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I remember sitting on the carpet and I knew the shrooms were about to hit so I started meditating. I remember focusing my energy on a black-light poster of Bob Marley. I started to see slight visuals and then suddenly I started to hear voices. The voices were very demonic and were in a different language but I was not scared. I was intrigued. After a while they just sort of went away.

I looked around the room and noticed Mas. He was sitting and I think he was trying to talk to me but the only thing that came out of his mouth were the demonic voices. Then, all of the sudden I blacked out.


*2 Hours Later*

It is still really unclear to me what transpired around this time but I woke up without remembering it and for some reason I was in the bathroom. I walked out to the hall and that%u2019s when things took a turn for the worst. I blacked out in the hallway and woke up laying in a doctor%u2019s lap in the hallway. My hand was very damp and I was holding my stomach. When I looked at my stomach my guts were hanging out of it. And the Doctor just kept repeating %u2018%u2019It%u2019s gonna be alright, we%u2019re going to get you some help.%u2019%u2019 That must have went on for what seemed like hours. I was sure I was going to die. While he was doing this I was looking across the hall at a room. There was no one in the room but there were so many shrieks and cries coming from the room. I will never forget how frightened the cries were.


*Some Time Later*

I%u2019m not really sure how I ended up away from the doctor situation or how much longer this was but the next thing I remember was I was sitting on Mas%u2019 floor of his room. My hands were still very damp and when I looked at my stomach and there was throw-up all over me. I had thrown up on myself.

Mas was awake and kept yelling at me. (I later found out that Mas wasn%u2019t still tripping at this point) %u201CWhat the fuck are you doing?%u201D, %u201CDude get up we need to clean this up.%u201D For a second I didn%u2019t think I was tripping anymore either because Mas sounded completely normal. Then the tone of his voice started changing and he started to sound frightened. He ran away from me and what happened next is the indescribable but I will try and do my best.

I became very angered that Mas was running away from me and for some reason I started to chase him. I grabbed his hair and he was screaming at me %u201CDude, what the fuck are you doing!? Stop!%u201D I had never heard a more frightened tone of voice. He pushed me away and when he did this I kid you not I turned into a ragdoll and started bouncing around the room. I was hitting the wall with my body and felt a tremendous amount of pain. Also, every time I hit the wall I heard a sharp static sound that got louder and more intense with every wall I hit. On top of this sound is the sound of Mas screaming for me to stop.



*The %u2018%u2019It%u2019s okay, It%u2019s Fine%u2019%u2019 Universe*

This stage of the trip was the worst part of the whole trip for me. Thinking about it makes me stress out. I woke up in my bathtub with the shower on. I couldn%u2019t move and all I could say was %u201CIt%u2019s okay, It%u2019s fine.%u201D Over and over again. I somehow emerged from the bathtub. When I walked out of my bathroom I was greeted by a man who kept asking a series of questions about my health state. No matter the question I said %u201CNo, it%u2019s okay. It%u2019s fine.%u201D A sequence like this repeated itself for what felt like forever. In my mind I knew I was tripping but each time it repeated itself it was a new person who asked the same questions. I kept answering %u201CNo, it%u2019s okay. It%u2019s fine.%u201D It probably repeated itself over a hundred times. Each time it happened I kept getting more and more stressed that I couldn%u2019t stop tripping.


*The Comedown*

I don%u2019t even actually remember waking up I just remember ending up in my Office chair. I was finally done with the trip. I was still very dazed and confused and my memory wasn%u2019t the best. My brother entered the room and was asking how I was feeling. Apparently Mas took me home and called my brother and told him what happened so he came over. I had so many huge bruises all over my body, a nice shiner on my right eye, and I smelt purely of throw-up. Never again.

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