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First Psilocybin shroom trip

2g and a bottle of OJ

Okay so this is my trip report and it's kind of long but It's one hell of a tale so please enjoy!
P.S. Listen to the song I mentioned near the end to better understand the vibes!!!

           Monday morning around 10am I get my tripping supplies ready for the very long day ahead. Packed my backpack with 3 bottled waters, 1 bottle of Trader Joe's OJ with extra pulp(The Best), grinder, my handy trip report book/doodle pad, and some drawing utensils. I walked to the medical club to pick a dime and then hit the 711 across the street for a pack of Marlboro reds and two swishers. I personally don't like cigarettes but when you're tripping they're amazing, hands down, enough said. I get back home and decide to grab two pieces of whole wheat bread for the mushrooms. 
           I call my friend  (Driver) to come pick me up from my house to go get my other friends to take shrooms with us. Everything is looking good at this point. We arrived at my friends house (Lincoln) and he's waiting in his garage with my other friend (Lennon) which was great because Lennon is the one getting us the shrooms. So they get in the car and we head 3 blocks down to the main street to fill the car up with gas. Driver says he's broke and didn't bring any money which really got me kind of mad because I knew I would have to pay for the gas and spot him on shrooms and I wouldn't have enough money to buy an 1/8th for myself (which I'm glad I didn't!) so I give him $10 for gas and my other friend (Wulf) skates up to us and says he's down to take a half 8th with us so he gets in the car and Lennon makes the call to let his connect know we're on our way but his connect said he's at school and doesn't get off until 2:30 so we kill an hour and thirty minutes at the skate park shredding the bowls and eating mad shit.
           2:30pm comes around and we start putting our boards in the trunk to realize that we accidentally spilled a bit of gasoline from the gallon he had in the trunk all over his loafers which was pretty funny but the car smelled of gas fumes the whole time. We arrived to the connects house and we tell Lennon to get us two 3.5g of shrooms and comes back with a little more than expected which was great! I take out my bread to make a shroom sand which only to find out that it went stale in the sun lol which sucked so I just threw 3 caps and 4 stems in my mouth and chewed them up and chased them with the whole bottle of OJ. My friends decide to drop money for more herb so we head to another medical shop to buy a quad of herb for the day and at this time I was feeling the effects while purchasing the herb which was faster than expected. I get back inside the car and realize my visuals were just brighter colors and never before seen colors something similar to LSD but not as strong. 
          My friend offers to take us to the marsh near his house which sounded like an awesome place to trip so we head there to find the big ass gate is closed for the rest of the day which was a bummer! So we all said fuck it and jumped the sketchy bared fence which seemed almost impossible to jump especially while coming up on shrooms lol. We all get over and start walking about 3 yards and a guy holding a beer and, blunt in his hand yells at us and tells us that the marsh is closed for the day, even though he was drinking and smoking herb inside which bummed us out. So we jump the fence and then Lincoln and Lennon where on top at the same time which made the whole thing shake and Lincoln falls and his legs almost get caught between the bars and brakes which would have been a horrible way to start our trip! Then Wulf and I get ready to hop and he jumps wrong and his leg almost brakes the same way! We're all dying of laughter because two of us almost ended up in the emergency room while trippin' lmao. So we decide to just go to the park near this high school which I have ever been to before. 
          We get there and we start walking around looking for a place to blaze. This park was HUGE. Fields of grass, ponds, ducks, fountains, and triply ass fucking trees with like moss hanging from the branches! Only problem was it was packed especially with joggers. So we walk up this hill, past this wooden lodge type play house which was beautiful and down near this fence where nobody would be offended of our weed smokin' haha. We a roll a blunt and that's when we start to notice shits getting WEIRD. My legs felt funny and I was feeling a little bit watched for some reason. Maybe paranoia. (Later to find out everything pays attention to you while tripping, even the non-living!) We blaze up and that's when I notice my friend Driver acting all weird and quiet which really sent me the wrong vibes! REMEMBER, always trip with people you're comfortable with! 
          We walk up the hill again and sit on the bench to smoke some cigarettes while we watch the Asian kids practice their sync. dancing which was trippy. That's when I looked up at the trees and my mouth dropped in astonishment. Everything about trees and plants looked so perfect and geometrical! The way the trees would sway in the breeze and breathe. We finished our cigs and decided to head to the crowded lodge type thing which was a bad idea haha we all feel like we're being watched and stuff and we get bad vibes right away. It's already starting to look like a bad trip so I suggested going on the super green grass and laying in the sun. 

          We all ran for the grass and flopped onto the sea of green blades and right when we hit the grass is when our life's changed! All the bad vibes went away the moment we hit the grass (grass is fucking amazing on mushrooms). I took out my iPod and put "Do you want to know a secret" By The Beatles (Best Tripping Song, listen to it right now!) covered my face with my hat and laid back and relaxed. Closed my eyes and my visuals changed with the music! Colors jumped from red to yellow to green while I saw a bunch of tiny eyes in the background while I had this intense geometrical kaleidoscope type spinning/morphing in the center! I was grinning the whole time while I witnessed this. 14 seconds into the song and I start seeing this lady dancing with the colors and eyes showing me her beautiful face with no eye or brows and short white hair with bangs! I almost wanted to shed a tear from what was happening behind my eye lids lol. She danced throughout the whole song and she would vanish near the end when I started seeing a mans face fighting for attention! He was kinda creepy and I kept hoping she would come back.

           I sat up and told my friends what was going on when I noticed my friend Driver was nowhere in sight. They said he went to go get a jacket so I didn't think twice about it. I told them about my visuals and they said they were seeing the eyes but not the lady dancing nor the changing colors which was a bummer. I took out my friends camera and started taking pictures which was crazy thing to do while tripping because every shot you take makes sense and has meaning, every picture qualified for a screen saver! Plus looking through a camera lens while tripping is so much fun!! It's like a little glance of what we call reality but when you take your face away from it you notice the crazy shit lmao (hard to explain). While taking photos I noticed how much the moon looked like a star ship lmao and I kept telling myself that I was positive that they're aliens living there. 
          The sun started going down and we've been laying down on the grass for awhile and my friend Driver was still not back. So I called him and he says he left and he's at his house so now we're here at this park still tripping and he left us stranded there. We said fuck it and kept enjoying our trip. I saw squirrel and tried to get a good shot of him but he didn't want anything to do with us until I took out my stale bread and fed him a bits so he could model for me which was awesome! I started to notice how fake he looked and then I stood up straight and started to notice how unreal everything is and how much of this was just our minds projection. I laid back down and starting thinking about life and what happens when we die and I got this funny feeling that "this" is somewhat what happens. And right when I thought that I could here cheering like if I got the answer right or something lol so weird! I let my mind float and I could feel my vision disconnected from my body as if I left my body on the ground. Everything that these shrooms showed me that day made me so happy. I didn't experience the death of my ego but it was hard to tell if I lost it at one point or not. I did notice I was apart of something bigger than just my consciousness as if we're all just one consciousness but I couldn't quite wrap my mind around it. The day started to end so we called my friend to come take us home and he did and we all ended up playing indoor soccer to end the day with a work out.

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