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all the confusion

Well it all started on a nice friday afternoon.

Well it all started on a nice friday afternoon. Me and my friend zach were swimming when are freind adam suddenly called out of the blue and asked of if we wanted to try some shrooms. Zach had already tried 'em and me and adam were about to.

So I went to adams house and zach called our 'ol friend joe, whom we havent seen in a while. Joe too had also tried the shrooms before, so I was obtaining shroom information from them because I hadn't tried them before and was weery to do so.

I was at dinner with my family when adam got the shrooms. I anticipated whether or not I was going to try them and I said "what the hell".

So after dinner I went to adams and they had already started there trip. So I took mine and the night began!

about 45 minutes after I took them I started to notice it was foggy out,'it was night'. Everyone else thought the same. But I wasnt sure if it was foggy, and i wasnt sure if I felt anything yet. About maybe... ten minutes later I went inside for a glass of water, when I went to go get a glass I noticed there was a big glass so I reached for it, but what Felt in my hand was a little glass, when I looked in my hand it was a little glass! I was baffled I know I grabbed the big glass, my mind was totally dum founded on this, I just couldn't seem to figure out how I got a little glass. When I looked back in the cuboard there was a tall glass there, but I grabbed the little one, but i didnt see it. This is what we like to call the start of the " big confusion".

So we were all sitting around talking when adams brother came home. We all freaked out, we dont even know why we just freaked out and every one jumped in joes car and we took off. Adams brother scared the living crap out of us. It was like the feeling of another person there just seemed to scare the hell out of us. We thought there was a big conspiracy out, and everyone was trying to catch us doing drugs. Then we started driving around, and none of us were tripping all that much so we ate some more, we got about a quarter, man I dont recommend driving and doing shrooms at all, id say its mighty dangerous. So we gave some to another friend of ours cory, who was at his house and coulndt do anything and we gave him some mushrooms and told him not to eat them by himself, he dindt listen and cory and one wild night by himself in his room.Alone.All night talking to himself.

So we all went to my house and started listening to some aphex twin-selected ambient and it was the best music i have ever heard in my entire life, the song pulled my through every emotion i could think of even emotions i didnt think were real but came from somewhere foreign, like they didnt belong. That didnt last for very long, and the i noticed every one in the room was staring at something different so i turned off my lights and stared at my computer and it sat there and breathed in my face, i felt like if i moved my head any closer to the screen my head would go through it and i would be able to see the inside of what a computer monitor looks like.

Many of the feelings i am unalbe to explain but i felt alot of peacefullness, and well being. it was a good night but to damn confusing.

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