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Sprinkles & The Storm

A Man, his Cat, Mushrooms, and One Out of Control Storm

This is my first ever trip report. I hope whoever reads this finds it entertaining. Any comments or constructive criticism on my story telling ability would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    After an incredibly busy morning and afternoon of work, Saturday evening was finally here, which means no major work until Monday, which means it's time to down some shrooms. Around 6pm, using the Lemon Tek method (which I found on this site and works incredibly) I shot the shrooms down in 2 gulps, and after some initial nausea, was good to go. The plan was to walk to the park 2 blocks down from my home (which I do barefoot), and do some Yoga/general exercise while experiencing nature all around me. I was about a quarter of the way there when I noticed one of my cats, Sprinkles, following me. He usually stays pretty close to home, so a trip to the park would be a pretty big event for him. Excited to show him the park I encouraged him along, and after a lot of nervous crying and minor things grabbing his attention, we had finally made it to the park. The mood at the park was questionable, it had just briefly rained so everything was wet and damp, and bugs were out in full force. There was also a small gang of teenagers there doing whatever it is teenagers do. They kept to themselves, but they were being obnoxiously loud and leaving a trail of trash wherever they went, which I HATE, and hate even more while tripping. Nevertheless, I jogged out to the baseball backstop fence, and put my things there as I decided what kind of physical activity I wanted to engage in. Sprinkles was already realizing the wonders of the park. It was the first time he had seen a nature trail or this much grass to safely sprint around on. I was happy and he was happy, everything was so great.

    It began raining on and off, so I grabbed my things and jogged to put them in the gazebo so they wouldn't get wet. The teenagers had started making their way out of the park at this point thankfully. The rain didn't seem to bother Sprinkles as it was relatively light, and the sun was still shining. I walked back out of the gazebo with the intent of doing some Yoga in the center of the park, when the rain began to come down at a fairly fast rate. I love the rain, and for whatever reason Sprinkles still didn't seem to mind being in it. This is when the night took a drastic turn. The already heavy rain began coming down twice as hard, and thunder and lightening were soon to follow. Sprinkles started going insane, hissing and running in circles, darting all over wildly not knowing what to do. I ran after him so I could grab him and bring him to cover in the gazebo. It was hell to catch him and then carry him all the way there in the pouring rain. He was writhing and hissing the entire way, and the storm began to grow more and more intense.

    Finally, we were back safely under the roof of the gazebo. It was raining so hard that it looked like there was a wall of rain around the edge of the gazebo. From here I had to spend a good amount of time calming Sprinkles down. His first big-boy trip to the park, and he gets rewarded by having the storm of the century dropped right on him. He was soon somewhat at ease. Now here I was, barefoot in the park's gazebo with my cat, and a storm that was becoming more intense by the minute. When I left the house I was dying of heat, I was now absolutely freezing and the sky had become pitch black. Not knowing how I was going to get my cat home safely, I called my downstairs tenant, Dylan, to see if he could swing by to pick us up and take us back home. Normally I would have loved being out in the rain, especially while tripping, but I had Sprinkles with me, and I could tell he was scared and wanted to be home. Thankfully, Dylan was out and about, and said he could be there to grab us in 5-10 minutes.

    Around 10 minutes later I heard the sound of a car horn, and that meant that Dylan was here to the rescue. I scooped up Sprinkles to bring him to the car, and he immediately began freaking out when he realized I was taking him momentarily back into the storm. Dylan came out with a blanket to help keep him dry as we made our way to the car. This unfortunately did not go well. The combination of going back into the storm, and a "stranger" running towards us sent Sprinkles over the edge. He went into full flail, hiss, and claw mode. It was intense, and I'll have 7-10 new scars from that experience alone. Finally, with the help of Dylan, I get Sprinkles into the car. Dylan's girlfriend Katya was driving, and I was extremely grateful to both of them for helping me out. About 20 seconds after we safe in the car, Sprinkles was completely fine again. Thanking my friends profusely, we made our 90 second drive home.

    Back at the house, I gave Sprinkles a bunch of his favourite snacks, and brushed out what was at this point some seriously funky hair. Now that I had him home and calmed down, the next thing I needed to do was check on myself! It was all such a whirlwind. One minute we were running around the park, happy as could be, and the next thing I knew it was torrential downpour and a VERY intense situation. I got myself cleaned up, tended to my wounds, and called my Mom to share what had just happened.

    Looking back at what transpired today, I can only take away a positive experience from it. This situation truly tested how I would respond in a disaster situation (albeit on a much smaller level). Also, I had been looking for an opportunity to connect more with Sprinkles, we were best buds when he was a kitten, and now he mostly just does his own thing. Today was the universe answering my call for that, this whole experience definitely bonded us that much closer. My mind is still racing with thoughts from the shrooms, need to start taking steps to get myself into bed. I hope you find this trip report involving a man, his cat, and an out of control storm entertaining. Thank you for reading! Goodnight!

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