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Two tabs, too much?

A description of my intense lsd-25 trip

                  This is my trip report about my first time doing more than a single dose of any psychedelic. Before this trip I had experiences with 25-c, i-25, lsd-25 and 2.7 grams of mushrooms. I took two 25 ug blotters of lsd-25 on a Wednesday. Earlier in the day my best friend offered to trip sit on that friday (A), but my other friend (D) who wasn't as close offered to trip sit that day. I was anxious to drop because i had been saving those tabs for my childhood friend (whom i tripped acid with for both of our first times) to get into town, when he was unable to make it to town i decided to take them asap. That was my first mistake, apparently (D) only had one experience with lsd and that was when he was around his dad for about and hour or two while he was tripping. I took both tabs at once in (D)'s SUV and no taste was present. Almost right after that (D)'s mom called him and told him he had to go to in patient treatment. Unfortunately that put me in a nervous mind set. We decided he would drop me off at a bluff I had almost all of my psychedelic experiences at for about two hours and would pick me up at my dad's house (about three blocks away). 
               When i got to the bluff, i started to feel the effects. I experienced extremely vivid colors unlike any other trip i've been on. I was resting on a large rock at the top of the bluff, over looking the beautiful Mississippi River. After a few minutes (?) of sitting there the river started to take the form of a woman's thighs up to right below the breast. I did my best to sketch the hallucination, but it turned out poorly. I waited around on the bluff hiking different trails, one of my favorite past times. I started to make my way towards my dad's when the bugs got too intense for my liking.
            I got to my dad's and sat watching Django Unchained with my sister and her friend. After a while they started messing with me as they normally do. But being in my state, I took it as a sign that "they knew". I gathered my belongings and left in the direction of (D)'s house, taking a detour through the woods. I don't remember the good first part of the detour, but what I do remember is closing my eyes. When I sat down and closed my eyes I had the sensation of flying through a tunnel of Dia de Los Muertos-style skulls and flowers flying by in a spiral-like fashion. It was magnificent and one of my favorite visuals of my trip. Back to my detour, about half way through the woods I thought I saw a mud dauber along the trail, of which i have a terrible phobia. For those who are unfamiliar with mud daubers, they are basically pissy versions of wasps who live in the ground and who's sting is much much more painful. After I "saw" the dauber i ran as fast as i could through the woods until i reached a campout spot i started my first lsd trip at. This spot brought a sense of relief i hadn't experienced in any of my previous trips. I sat at that spot enjoying my closed-eyed visuals as well as the morphing trees and telephone lines in my open-eyed visuals. I sat there enjoying a cigarette until (D) called telling me to go to my dad's. At this point i was closer to his house than my dad's so i told him i'd walk there. I got out of the woods around my mom's house that was along the way. I stopped in to grab a bit of pot i had and take a quick leak.
          When i left my mom's house, things started to get interesting. Immediately after i left my mom's house, i started to feel a sense of euphoria. I saw my neighbor mowing his lawn and after a bit several other copies of him appeared about his lawn. I greeted him and when he responded all of the "copies" snapped back to the original person. At the end of my block I stopped and had a strange moment where I thought to myself "fuck, this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen" even though what i was looking at was an old greenhouse that was basically an everyday sight for me. On my way from my mom's to (D)'s I hallucinated five people mowing their lawns in a row simultaneously, also a strange audio and visual hallucination of somebody calling their dog. I heard "here BJ!" and saw a dog run to the door of a house. I looked over at it and it sat at the doorstep for a good five seconds before i looked away for a second. When i looked back, the dog had disappeared  without any sign of a door opening or closing. After that, (D) called me again. At this point I was afraid the government was listening to my calls so i denied the first two calls. When he called the third time i got really anxious but reluctantly answered. He immediately yelled at me for denying his calls, causing me to be extremely stressed and anxious. I stayed on the line with him until i reached his house and entered.
        I don't remember actually walking into his house but i do remember sitting at his dinning table watching him pack cigarettes with one of those little tube-filling machines. I was fascinated by it and ran it through my fingers again and again. (D) jokingly scolded me for such an act, but i took it seriously unable to pick up on the social ques that he was joking. We went up to (D)'s room after that and i laid down and had a sensation of melting into the bed. I proceeded to lose my mind. Reality was completely fluent with the imaginary and i was convinced that (D)'s room was the final circle of hell described in Dante's Inferno. I thought (D) was the Devil for a while. I felt as though i was being held down by sensory police.  (D)'s younger sister came into the room to help me because she had experience with the same dose as i was on. She comforted me slightly but i didn't know her enough to be completely comfortable around her and envisioned her as some sort of succubus. I wanted to get a change of atmosphere but (D) was afraid of me freaking out his parents so he denied me the right of leaving his room. I later had to go to the bathroom but (D) still wouldn't let me leave. I begged him to let me out but he denied me. I ended up peeing my pants on his floor at the climax of my trip. He had me leave after that to say the least.... 
              When i got out of his house I called (A) begging for his forgiveness. I felt the lowest i've ever felt and i was relieved to hear he'd help me get through the last few hours. We met up and walked to a primary school not far from (D)'s house. We talked about my experience and he made me feel very safe and calmed me down more than i could have ever imagined when i called him. I told him how i felt guilty and stupid for not taking his advice and waiting. After downing a little bit of vodka on the swing set and walked toward's my mom's house. We got there and rolled the fattest hand-rolled cigarettes i've ever seen. That snapped me right back to reality and felt insanely drowsy after that. I slept like a baby and woke up the next day completely rested.
           That was my trip report about possibly the best and worst experience of my life.

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