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Crazy bong rip lead to huge realizations about the universe...

Biggest bong rip of my life.

So, I smoke weed pretty frequently, for periods of time I will every day multiple times a day and sometimes only once a week or so, and I have gone on a short 1 month tolerance break lately and broke it last night with a couple of my girlfriends. I had done some yoga earlier that night too and had come in touch with my third eye and began to meditate a bit. Anyways we decided to smoke a bong and I hadnt been getting good rips so we packed a new one with a lot of keef and I got greens and took a MASSIVE rip. I dont smoke bongs that often so this one was huge for me, I was coughing like crazy and thought I was going to choke or throw up or die. I finally got my body to calm down minus a little nausea and extreme fatigue and then I started to slip into a completely alien state. I couldnt hear my friends talking and I couldn't even see in front of me or move any part of my body, I wasn't sure if I was asleep or awake. I started to have flashbacks of memories from when I was a child, mostly of the town I grew up in and my childhood. I kept seeing the world through my eyes as a young child, even back when I was one or two, when I normally never would have been able to remember those memories. I felt like I was seeing these things for the first time, as if they were just fragments of my imagination and I was making them up, but something was telling me that they had all happened before. Then I started to go through alternate dimensions, and gaining an understanding of the universe and how it functions. I saw flashed images of electrons and neutrons and atoms and how they are all connected, and how energy flows from one bulk of atoms to the next and how matter is made up. When I was viewing this perspective I felt as though sound did not exist - I was very aware of the pure silence of the state I was in and how everything was blank, almost like the sound that a really old TV made when you turned it off. It was like you could hear the absence of sound rather than the sound itself. It was at this point that I realized I was viewing the "reality" of the universe. I realized that the reality in which we live in and are aware of is simply an alignment of these atoms and transferring of energy, and it is all moving at a pace that is either completely random or completely predetermined. Every single speck of matter from a cell in our body to the entire solar system is all just an alignment of atoms. As I continued to travel through my old memories and into the minds and through the eyes of other beings in all dimensions, I continually came back to these flashes of realization of the universe and felt a feeling of recognition and comfort each time I returned to this state. I continued to have these flashbacks for what felt like hours, until I vaguely remember my friends getting up to leave the room and encouraging me to go downstairs to get water or something. I managed to get myself up, and then I felt extremely nauseous. I quickly made my way to the nearest bathroom and threw up, feeling much more aware of my body and who I was than earlier. After that I drank some water and tried to go to sleep. I woke up around 430 am feeling completely normal and very confused as to what happened/where I was and I have been having flashbacks to that total-realization state all day. If anyone else has experienced something similar let me know, because I am still trying to work this out! Thanks for reading!

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