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Extremely sick during really bad 5g shroom trip

Complete loss of reality, extreme vomitting, extremely high body temperature, uncontrollable shaking

Hello, this is my first trip report. I have previously done shrooms 6 times, with  my max dose being 4g, and everything went totally fine. So this time, my friend and I decided to try a 5g dose at her house. She is an inexperienced tripper but ended up having a fantastic trip, whereas I had the worst experience in my life.

3:50PM: We finish drinking our delicious mushroom tea and smoke a tiny bit of weed, and immediately leave to go for a walk around the lake near her house.

4:10PM: We were already beginning to feel a really intense body high, our whole bodies tingling, smiling and laughing, starting to become difficult to walk.

4:30PM: Walking properly becomes so difficult we decide to sit/lay in the grass under some trees and just trip out. OEV begin to become very intense - the usual colours, geometric patterns, breathing, distortion, blending, etc. Passerby's thing we're really weird because we're essentially rolling in the grass but we don't care, just having a good time laughing.

5:00PM: OEV and CEV in full force, very strong audio hallucinations at this point too, hearing strange sounds and inaudible voices in my head, light and sound start to blend, everything echos. The body high was so strong at this point we basically just laid on our sides and stared into nothingness and tripped. Everything going great at this point.

5:15PM: Ego death begins to happen, losing grip of who or what I am, my friends and family seemed like strangers, time began to cease to exist. If felt like my previous life had never happened and I had always been in this state for eternity, and reality as I knew it was just a dream, and what I am experiencing now is "real life". I had experienced ego death before, but this time is was much more intense than any other time. My friend was trying to make conversation with me but I couldn't really comprehend what she was saying - language started to make no sense. Started to forget where I was, couldn't remember when I took the shrooms .. basically nothing made sense anymore.

5:30PM: This is where everything started to go wrong I think. We were still laying in the grass, moving around a bit as we tripped, and I saw a police officer on a bicycle ride by. It really freaked me out and I kept thinking he was going to come after us and put us in jail forever. He rode by and ignored us but I was still excessively paranoid that a 'bad man' was going to take me away or kill me. I was phasing in and out of the universe at this point. I started writing a note in my cell phone and just repeated the words "help" "trapped" "scared" over and over and over again. I wanted to go inside because I was scared of the "bad man" but I had no idea where I was and couldn't understand how to talk to my friend to tell her to take us home. She seemed totally okay at this point still, but also experiencing total ego loss.

6:00PM: My friend finally stands up and says she's really thirsty and that we'll go home now. I felt so relieved at this point but was still scared that the 'bad man' would catch me still because I couldn't walk properly. We were both really delusional at this point and couldn't converse at all- each of us trapped in our own universe.

6:15PM - 8:15PM: This is where everything went to hell. We arrived back at her place and I immediately felt very thirsty. She went off and explored the house going nuts over the OEV's. I went and stayed in the kitchen drinking TONS of water. I was so thirsty. I eventually stopped and started exploring the house, extremely confused about where I was. Insane OEV's - the entire house was melting, multiple colours, geometric patterns everywhere, voices in my head, no ego, no sense of humanity. I completely forgot what it was like to be sober, and thought I would be stuck this way forever. I started to panic and kept getting more and more thirsty. This made me even more scared because I thought I might my body might die from overhydration but I just couldn't stop drinking. Full panic set in and I desperately wanted the trip to end. I knew something was terribly wrong but I couldn't figure out what.  This is when I noticed I was profusely sweating. Sweat was dripping off my face and my whole body was soaked. I didn't want to freak my friend out and have her end up like me so I didn't tell her about it, I just hid in the bathroom, sweating like crazy and drinking litres water. I wwas unbelievably scared with full-ego death and complete detachment from the universe. Minutes felt like days, I was suffering and felt like I was in extreme pain. I had no idea what was wrong and was very close to dialing 911. The only thing that stopped me was shroomery, knowing that mushrooms have never killed anyone. Then I found a thermometer in her bathroom and used it - my temperature was 103F. That's when I finally realized why I was sweating and feeling so awful, I was severely overheating. Then out of nowhere I started puking, over and over again. Until my stomach was entirely empty, and then I'd still go through more puking motions. I was uncontrollably shaking at this point too. It was honestly the worst moment in my life. Unexplainable fear and suffering is all I could feel, thinking I'd never be siber again, I'd always be like this until my body died, and them my mind would be permanently stuck just simply existing within the universe. The OEV and CEV wouldn't stop, I couldn't get away from the trip or sensory overload. I was balling my eyes out and still sweating like mad. I knew I needed to cool down but it was over 80F outside and sunny. T

8:15PM: A miracle happened and it started to rain ... like really rain. And the wind picked up a lot. I told my friend I absolutely had to go outside or I might actually die. And I just ran out the door without here. Within about 15 minutes of being outside, I was soaking wet and 100% okay again. In fact, I felt AMAZING. Total euphoria and happiness. I called her and told her how much I loved her and how thankful I was she got me through it all even though she had no idea I was going through hell lol. I just walked around for an hour by myself in the rain and cooled down (literally and mentally). Then went back to her place and we just talked about what happened, and I went hope and passed out instantly. Woke up and went to work.

Sorry for the long trip report - but the trip really scared me. I know a lot of you have had some pretty awful trips but I haven't seem much about people becoming very physically ill during the trip. Me and her ate from the same batch of shrooms and were in the exact same environment the entire time - why did I get so sick? I know shrooms can't kill you, but a fever of 103F is pretty serious, and I had extreme vomitng as well. I probably drank over 6L of water, which also isn't very safe. Overheating has never happened to me on shrooms  before. Is this just something that randomly happens, or was it caused by my initial anxiety/panic over the police officer? Has anyone else experienced any of kind intense sickness on shrooms? I know bacteria on the shrooms can make you sick, but we ate from the same batch (which we grinded into very small pieces, and put into a big pot of tea, so its not like I ate just one independent infected shroom), and she was totally fine. Weird experience. Life changing for sure. But I think I'll stay away from high doses for a while.

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