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~2 grams of small gt's

My first grow recently yielded some very small mushrooms, which I decided to eat fresh because I figured they would weigh practically nothing when dried. So, in all I consumed 3 small golden teacher pc shrooms. I woke up around 10:30, and took the shrooms immediately. I had been waiting a while to take them so I was pretty excited, even though I figured I hadn't yielded enough to actually trip. I took a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs. 

at around 11 I started to feel some shit. 

I sat on my couch, and watched a documentary about the Jonestown mass suicide (thanks netflix!). My body was seeping into the couch and my dogs were covering me like a blanket. They felt like they had no substance to them, they felt like large balls of very soft yarn. There was a lot of crying/screaming in the documentary which was really freaking me out, but my sister REFUSED to turn it off, so I decided to go outside. I sat in the grass and felt a very inexplicable connection with the ground, like I had truly become rooted in the earth. The feeling of the sun on my back and the hot Texas earth underneath me made me feel like I was floating in a warm pool of light. 

My shroom basking was interrupted by my other sister and her two small children, who randomly stop by sometimes, and I definitely wasn't expecting them today. I love her kids, so it genuinely didn't bother me, but for some reason I felt like a dirtbag tripping around my niece and nephew, so I tried to avoid them and told my sister I was feeling "ill". I wondered up to my room and plugged in my phone to listen to some music. I sat on my bed and listened to 80's comedown machine, and watched the texturing on my ceiling wave and make different faces. At one point I spotted a texture that made a really disturbing face, and it kept popping back up when I would look around that area of the ceiling. Shit freaked me out. I reffered to the face as roger, and told roger to "get the fuck out" several times. It turned into a joke and I laughed hysterically for maybe 20 minutes. At this point it had been about an hour and a half. 

I decided that I was going to skate to the end of my street and hang out there for a bit. I live in a semi-rural area, so there's lots of trees, sparse houses, and a really nice steep road to skate on. I sat on one of my long boards and started scooting until I gained momentum. I was flying down my street with trees and leaves whipping by, and the sound of the wind made me feel like I was going insanely fast (I was maybe going 10 mph). I got to the end, where this picnic area had been set up. I sat down at a bench and smoked a joint. The clouds looked like monoliths collapsing to the earth from space. 

An older neighbor who I sometimes smoke with came down to the picnic area, and was really surprised to see me. Even though we aren't 'great' friends, I felt immensely happy seeing him for some reason. I told him I was on shrooms, and to sit down and smoke with me. He told me about some of the times he had tripped on different substances. Apparently him and his friends went to go see A Clockwork Orange when they were tripping on purple microdot. I called him a droog and told him I had to go. 

After I skated home I was deathly tired, and passed out on my couch. I later moved to my bed but overall I slept for 10 hours. 

Fun times. 

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