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multidimensional and fantastic


I am reposting here a trip report I just made on erowid- I would like to share it with the good people of shroomery.

I will attempt to describe here the best experience I have had to date when using magic mushrooms. Over a year has passed since the experience and I thought I would never get around to posting this here, but finally I have decided to do it after being inspired by another author's report of a DMT trip where his description of one particular object that he saw was strikingly similar to something that I saw in my mushroom trip.

A little about myself: I am a university student of philosophy and psychology, and have had a great interest in psychedelics even since before I tried them. My own substance history at the time of this trip was limited to cannabis, mushrooms and mdma. 

I bought a "Golden Teacher" (some cubensis sustrain) growkit online and so for a number of weeks had a steady supply of shrooms. I had no effective method of drying them out as they were large shrooms, the newspaper method works only with much smaller liberty caps. I decided the day the second flush was ready that I was going to eat them fresh that night. (I find mushrooms much more palatable when fresh than when dry. They are not so bad at all when fresh, slightly rubbery and watery tasting, but not so bad at all. However, when dry they taste absolutely foul- my advice would be always eat them fresh whenever possible.)

It was a beautiful sunny day and I went for a walk, everything was vibrant and full of life and I was in a great mood all day. Night came and I prepared my bedroom for the trip- I burned insence, lit some candles and placed them around the room. I left the lights off to keep the room dark apart from the candle light. (Important note: This good preparation, mindset and setting was a huge contributing factor towards the trip being a good one.)

I weighed the shrooms (VERY important- ALWAYS weigh your dose) to be between 40 and 50 grams fresh. I ate them with some chocolate easter egg and drank orange juice to wash them down. (Orange juice also acts as a potentiator of psilocybin, helping to break it down into psilocin faster). I felt a little anxious at this point as it was the largest dose I had ingested up to that point, so I smoked a joint of cannabis to ease the come up, while listening to Spacemen 3, my favourite band. After finishing the joint I created a playlist of Deep Forest songs to listen to, (I find deep forest great to listen to while on mushrooms) and lay down on my bed.

T+40 after ingestion. I felt the mdma like euphoria as I usually do when coming up on a moderate dose. The points of candle light became "starry" looking. I turned on my lamp briefly to see what the room looked like when lit up, and I saw the usual aztec-like patterns on the floor. At this point I knew I was beginning to trip. Turning off the lamp, I closed my eyes and saw some moving, fractal, aztec like patterns which relaxed into a grid of green lattices. This grid had depth, and seemed more than 3 dimensional at the time due to the way the lines were overlapping. Then from out in front of me an object came at me- it seemed like a ball of molten light and energy, twirling, pouring and morphing into itself, constantly changing- its colour was iridescent for lack of a better word- but it was much more brilliant. The object was multidimensional, fantastic and impossible. I got the impression that it was divine and scribbled down "god ball" in my notebook after the trip. (For the record I am an atheist- not a hardline athiest, but more inclined towards atheism. Agnostic at the very least.) Very interestingly, years later I was reading a DMT trip report here on Erowid and found a report called "incredible" by the author "23", where he describes seeing this same object on DMT as I saw on mushrooms. Seeing this striking similarity between his description and the object I saw was what inspired me to write this trip report.

I saw this fantastic object for only a brief moment, a few seconds at most. Then It came very close to me so that I saw an extreme close up, as if it were a wall- I saw it was a wall of tubes or strings pouring and twirling into itself, again it was multidimensional (many more than 3d), so impossible and bizarre that it was quite disturbing and unsettling, and I had to open my eyes as I felt uneasy looking at it. This object was the most unimaginable and fantastic thing I have ever seen and have never seen anything like it ever since. I will remember it for the rest of my life, whatever it was.

Upon opening my eyes I felt the sudden urge to sit on the floor. I turned on my lamp and did so. From this point onwards, I do not recall how things happened in chronological order, and there is a lot that I simply don't remember. But I will report what I do remember in a roughly chronological order. I kept my eyes open for the remainder of the trip (I tried closing them again several times thereafter but saw nothing.) I saw the aztec patterns all over my carpet and walls and saw american indian faces and wacky cartoonish aztec figures also. I remember that I had made a playlist of 10+ songs but I only recall hearing the same two or three songs on loop over and over again. I felt and thought many things simultaneously, the details of which I cant remember now and couldn't even remember the next day. I do recall one particular thought- "all people are the same"- I saw many different people that I knew all flashing before me, and I "realised" that they were all the same. (It made sense at the time!) 

The walls were spotted from paint being stripped from it by bluetack- these spots, under the influence, turned into "black holes"- the walls appeared to be getting sucked into them. I felt at this point enlightened and thankful. Depression seemed funny and very foolish to me at this point. I was laughing to myself about the fact that I was depressed and having an existential crisis. Everything kept repeating itself and at this point I found myself drooling maniacally, literally foaming at the mouth with more saliva than i thought a body would be capable of producing- I was spitting and drooling all over the floor of my bedroom- there were literally puddles of drool all over my carpet and I do not exaggerate in the slightest. I was spitting and drooling in comically large amounts all over my carpet, and the spit was turning into fractal blobs as it fell which was quite nice. At one point I was on the floor on my hands and knees and I remember my skin turned red like the devil. I looked in the mirror and my facial features were moving around. 

I got a very strong impression of "teacher", like an archetype, images of my headmaster from primary school came strongly to mind and I felt that I became him for a moment, old and stern, and I found myself pointing and snapping at things in the same manner that he would. 

Very interestingly, I remember at one point lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling. I had noticed earlier in the day while sober that there were two distinct cobwebs, one in each corner of the ceiling. Now while tripping hard, I could see that these two cobwebs were actually the same cobweb- they were both connected together forming the same blanket-like web across the ceiling, but so finely that it couldn't be seen with the naked eye from a distance. It was pink in colour while I noticed this. I validated this the next day by examining closely and I could see that the two seemingly distinct webs in each corner were in fact connected. This is a fine example of reported extra/enhanced sensory perception on mushrooms. 

The comedown was slow and gradual, accompanied by the same mdma like euphoria I felt while coming up, untill I found myself back to baseline, just feeling a bit funny and tripping ever so slightly. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and I found it very pleasant to say the least. I also noticed a photo of my dad and I thought it was me, I recall looking at my dads picture thinking "that is me". 

Oddly, what sticks out most from this trip apart from the multidimensional iridescent ball, insane amounts of drool and the cobweb, is something that happened the next morning after I ate the golden teacher mushrooms- something extremely coincidental, so much so that it was hard to believe, and it shocked and scared me very much. I was cleaning behind my radiator for the first time in years, perhaps ever, and I found a packet of cards similar to "top trumps", a childs game. The theme of this particular set of cards was "jobs", each card had the name of a particular job and a picture to accompany it. This card game was there since my childhood and had obviously fallen behind the radiator and was lost. I took the the card case out from behind the radiator, it was golden in colour. I opened the case- inside I found every card missing except one- the "teacher" card. 

Several other strange coincidences occurred around the time I was growing mushrooms, which I may report at another time, but for now I feel spent after writing this much and will finish here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my trip report. Please be safe and respectful when using mushrooms. ALWAYS WEIGH YOUR DOSE. I feel the need to counter balance this glowing trip report with a report of its polar opposite, the bad trip. You can find it by looking at my profile as by the time this report is uploaded, the other should be also.

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