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Some of the Best and Worst Ever

First-time, made with a Shroom Smothie

I have mild experinece with psychadellics, all somewhate recent. Did mescaline at a festival in New Orleans in March and tripped on acid at Electric Forest this year twice, along with MDMA and Ketamine in the mix. At Electric I ran across an eight of somewhat powdered cubensis for $30. I had doubts about the quality, thinking that it was from the bottom of the bag and therefore quality would be lost. So on my day off this week, I spontaneously decided to trip with some friend who were doing 25-B (research chem?) I made a smoothie with blueberries and raspberries and added some cranberry juice to get some vitamin C in there for an increase in bioavaliability. 

I took it at about 2:15, and then I took 3 or so decent bong hits. We then headed to out destination which was hiking trails around a lake. Pretty scenic. My friends had a head start on me, but that didn't compromise my mood or anything. I started noticing what seemed like and effect of "being in a movie" about 15-20 mins in. Things were sort of slowed down, but at the same time sped up. Hard to explain. Very cinematic. The come up really started to kick in while we were on our way to this "hidden pond" that not many people know about. Everything had a dreamlike quality to it, and I could feel a body high similar to ketamine or an intense brownie coming on.

We arrived at our destination which was this small dock portruding into the pretty big pond. It was super sunny, and this is when I started to feel like I was beginning to peak. The sun on the water and the trees and everything was too much for me. I started to get nauseous, so I left my friends and went to lay in the forest. While walking back by myself I encountered a bee hive and I went up to it, completely amazed by it. No fear at all, and no sting. Then I laid down in some grass and just watched the trees waving and such. Everything was very saturated and I was blown away. I felt like I had melted into the ground, truly a part of nature at this point. I must have sat there for an hour or so. 

On the way back to the car I started getting spiritual, and any sort of nausea and sedation I got while laying down was gone. I really felt the spirit of the shrooms. At one point I thought a tree was singing to me. Before getting in the car we sat on a bench and observed a family, I could not comprehend what they were doing at all. I was pretty fucked up at this point, and sweatting bullets. 

I was still peaking when we got to my friends house at around five and things started to get bad fast for me. I also took a hit or too of  weed. They all wanted to play frisbe and be active, I don't know if that's how 25-B is but I was not feeling it. So I was just sitting on their couch by myself,  getting into my own head about all of these negative thoughts about humanity and how everything is so artificial and how all we are is just chemical reactions and how even humanity is temporary and all of this bad shit. I began to feel like I was legiinatley loosing my mind and I would come out of the trip changed for the worse. It was pretty dark. 

Things got better when my friends came and we decided to watch American Horror Story, which got my mind off of my own insanity. It was a really good choice looking back on things. I came down during the three hours we watched it and I left a little after nine. I had a super bad headache and I felt like had just woken up from a night of binge drinking. I came home, ate, and crashed. 

The next few days were great, as I began to put a higher value on my own sanity, and I just tried to focus on the first half of the trip. Shrooms were truly a mized bag for me. I feel like the dose was right, I just should have stayed in the forest. Shrooms are truly a differest animal than LSD, where I felt like I was mostly in control of things. Next week my friend is acquiring three ounces, so I'll probably get at that a bit for a festival. Hopefully I have a complete experience next time. 

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