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My second LSD experience


It was sometime April of this year. My High School career was coming to an end. As soon as I got to school that day I heard my buddy had a ten strip of very good lsd. I had taken an rc sold to be lsd the first time, got real acid the second time (first actual lsd trip), and  this was gonna be my second time. My two friends were tripping in school but I didn't want to do that. I see my buddy with the ten strip with his big moon eyes, before I say anything he says go into the bathroom and don't make it look sketchy, it's like he read my mind. He takes out a long strip on white blotter (looked like a ph strip)  and tore off a piece the size of  two doses. He told me I owe him 15 dollars. I sell some weed and get him the money the next day. I had put the acid in tinfoil hidden in a halo comic book lol. My plan was to take it on Saturday.

    That Saturday morning I had to go to my new job orientation. I figured I was gonna get drug tested so I had a bottle of piss with me. The first slide on the slide show was about drug testing but ironically we didn't get drug tested. 

When I got home I called up my buddy. I set up this little trip backpack and we set off to go to the pool. We stop by the park and i sit at the bench take a deep breath and place a hit of LSD on my tongue, no taste I was like yAaaaaaaay. We have to stop by his house so he can get his bathing suit and weed. He wasn't tripping only me. We started walking to the pool and he was asking me all these questions about acid. He was a very good person to be around tripping even tho he knew nothing about it. It took about 25 minutes to kick in. I felt nervous. Then a little light headed. When we got to the pool I felt very stoned but in a different way, I was laughing at everything and  thought  normal concepts were hilarious.  I decided to jump in the pool and it was very cold and sobering but as soon as I got out I was feeling it again. The pool had these swirly bubble textures that I'm pretty sure you can see sober, but they were very fufilling. I wasn't hallucinating hard yet just breathing and tracers and bright colors. The world around me also seemed a lot larger. I felt like I needed to experience everything because LSD is so rare and I never do it. Then my buddy pulls out a gram of weed and says wanna go smoke.

     We decided to go  smoke at this tree house. On the way I found a full bottle of corona on the ground I took it for cottonmouth. When we were smoking I remember the first song that played was 'Pali gap' by jimi hendrix the next song was 'forest hymn' by deep forest. Both are great songs. I couldn't stop laughing cause we were smoking in the treehouse I lost my virginity in, and my buddy had no clue. I looked at the beer and this is what I said, " this is government regulated bullshit that makes you feel shitty, and you will have more fun throwing it up in the air and watching it explode than drinking one beer". I haven't drank since, but anyways I take the beer throw it as high as I could then watched it as it landed perfectly on the cap. It exploded like a legit bomb. Then we smoked a couple more bowls. When we were walking out of the treehouse I was pretty high starting to feel it more and more. Than I thought of the possibility of a bad trip than I realized it was beautiful outside and I can choose to have a good trip or a bad one, I decided to have a good trip.

    We walked back to the pool and we laid on the pool chairs and listened to music while drinking orange soda. Even though it was not the peak yet this was my favorite part of the trip. My buddy tells me his parents want him home in an hour. A different friend calls me and I tell him I'm on acid and he wanted to  give me and the original friend a dab.  Let's call these two friends that pick us up Z and W, and we'll call my original friend 'original'. Z and W pick us up and we go to this apartment complex I've never been to. It was all wooden and they reminded me of giant tree houses. At this point I was tripping pretty hard and had no idea where I was but I had no problem with that, it was like an adventure and I knew I was probably far away from seeing a parent or something. We meet up with the sketchiest kid at my school (sorry to be judgmental) but he was, I was always nice to this kid but he just had coke and anger problems. I wasn't sure why we were with him because we never really hung out with him but I didn't mind. We went into his house and his grandma screams I better not smell any dope. I was keepin my cool. We get into his room which was so messy it kind of bothered me. Then it turns out we went there to sell him a 20 sack. Me and original took our dabs. We left and dropped off my original friend.

    We then went to the actual sketchiest people of my school but they all dropped out. They were the type of kids that rob people for weed and get in fights. I wasn't scared though because I have known the leader of this crew since pre school.  I was told that we were going there to buy more oil but we ended up staying there for much longer than I wanted. When I first walked in they were all sitting in the living room. My friend informed them I was on acid. They were all  asking me questions and telling me about their trips. I tried to hold back my tears of joy. It was like just the fact that they acknowledged me and that I was on acid made me so happy inside. I couldn't pay attention to what they were saying because I was so amazed at the colors coming out of the oil rigs that they stole from head shops laying on the table. I took two more dabs and I made a small difference but I was already so high from the LSD. We then sat on the porch. At this point 50 percent of what I was seeing wasn't real. I kept seeing these weird faces in things, and these patterns of light and energy. This acid was too visual for me to think. And part of it was probably the sketchy environment and I was trying to keep guard. I remember seeing a blue haze move across the top of a fence then looked down and realized it was a squirrel covered in blue mist. I remember the thought that time is an illusion, then I contradicted myself by thinking it just goes back to making a full orbit around the sun in a year, and time can keep you on track. I was thinking about Mayans and crazy shit.

    My buddy from preschool pulls out the most Xanax I've ever seen and asked me if I wanted to buy some,I said no It will ruin my trip and I'm not a fan. He was already 8 bars deep. It kind of scared me cause we were best friends in preschool. I basically re lived a day in pre school with him in my mind but I could almost see it, it was so vivid and sad. He's now  in rehab for Xanax thank god. Then he handed me a pipe and a 20 sack and said " smoke this bowl, when you run out pack another". Every hit I took it felt like I was floating up. It was now starting to get dark. While we were chilling on the porch people were coming in and out buying drugs this whole time. I thought of the peoples life story when they bought the weed or bars. Then my ego died and I just sat there spectating. I wasn't even thinking a about anything. It was like a reached an empty mind feeling of meditation.
I took another dab and me X and W left.

     I was hungry because I haven't eaten all day. We went to Taco Bell and it was insanely trippy. I was starting to come down. I wanted to talk to every stranger in there for some reason I like talking to strangers on acid, and I'm usually an introvert.  We eat our food. Taco Bell also has some cool paintings. We leave Taco Bell.

     We go to Xs house and I fell asleep on the couch. I am woken up later and It seemed like my whole brain was rewired  and I had to re learn stuff.  I'm still feeling the slightest after glow. I was awoken by two other friends. He wanted the other hit of acid I had. I gave it to him for free because I couldn't put a price such a sacred molecule. He was grateful and smoked a blunt with me and gave me a dab. He took it at like 4 in the morning. I went back to bed. I woke up at ten and he was somehow passed out. I left but later found out he tripped balls. 

      I went back to my house and went to the woods with my original friend to smoke weed. I felt very tired and dopey. I was just thinking of the expierience. We smoked then sat there and didn't talk for about an hour. 

I did have an episode of depression and anxiety. And hate of society shortly after, but that happened to me before I did acid. Except for the society part but I'm not gonna blame that on a drug I'll blame it on myself.

     I really didn't learn that much from this trip. Probably because of the constant setting changes. I have been thinking about this trip more than I should and so that's why I wrote this trip report. I still have access to that lsd but I'm not sure if I want to do it again it was too intense for me but very fun. I'll stick with mushrooms because they suit me better. I'm able to use them to better myself and my actions. The funny thing is I can't find shrooms only LSD and 25-i nbome

I hope you liked my trip report

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