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Nutmeg Intoxication- Life is a Dream

Female, 115lbs. 1-3 tablespoons of nutmeg

I, being the paranoid and stressed out person that I am, was extremely prudent

0 hrs.- Around 8/9 PM- consumed ~ 1 g. ground nutmeg

1-2 hrs.- Light “stoney”, buzzed feeling. While watching internet videos, finding everything quite hilarious, laughing out loud and generally behaving and feeling how I do after smoking some dank weed. 

3-4 hrs.- Effects have settled in, feel less obviously “stoned”, vision almost slightly blurry, colors enhanced. I am having great difficulty sleeping and may consume more nutmeg.

4-6 hrs.-  consumed another few grams

My toungue feels a little numb. I really want to sleep but when I lie in bed Im not tired.Colors more vibrant right now. Kind of bored, dont know what to do with myself, hahaha. It is currently 1:20 AM.

1:30 AM - watching some terrence mckenna

I will write again when I wake up.

9:40 AM-  Vision slightly blurry. woke up with the pleasant feeling I like to call a “weed hangover”, in which I feel very relaxed, calm, vaguely at peace/happy, and my brain feels like there are still a few stray happy chemicals floating around, causing the relaxation etc. I have decided to take a little more nutmeg this morning, > 1g.

10 Am - I suddenly feel a very heady kind of high creep up on me. Subtle, but noticable nonetheless.

10:05- I definitely am feeling a weensy bit of a high creepin up on me.

11- Took some more nutmeg because what is self control

12 PM- Feel high, vision altered. It looks like Im in a dream

1210- oh shit/ i feel like the room is moving around me a bit. i am dreaming. 

a Little later in the day I left for a few hours long car ride from VT to MA and I was feeling real good the whole way. I kept laughing at things, everything was funny, colors were VIBRANT and everything was quite beautiful, in situations that normally would be annoying or stressful, I felt happy, and peace and patient. I woke up the next day and for the whole rest of the day felt a little different from normal, but not as extreme as the day before.

All in all, AMAZING experience and would recommend it to anyone.

I've read so many negative reports on nutmeg but it was one of the best experiences I've had, so long lasting! It really does just go to show that every substance is different person to person, and some are worth trying.

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