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First time taking shrooms

the beach sunset changed my life

I tripped at the beach yesterday for the first time. Two of my friends and I bought an eighth each, then headed to one of my favorite beach spots in the world, Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. We weren't planning on taking them until later, so we went down the cliffs to look for a secluded spot to do them, found a nice spot, and met these Mexican guys and had a few beers with them. Then we headed to the main beach area in Ocean Beach for a while, went swimming, jumped off the cliff(me and my friend both cut our legs on rocks though), smoked a few bowls, and met up with the guy my friend likes and his brother. Given my friends previous taste in guys, I didn't really expect to think much of them, but they turned out to be really chill, good vibes type of people, which was really cool. 
So we hang out for a while, then go back to the spot we found earlier, have a beer or two, then decide to take them around 6 PM, because we wanted to be tripping during the sunset. We started with about half-3/4 of the bag, since it was our first times, and shared a bit with one of the guys there. We laid there for a while and relaxed, staring at the sky, when I noticed that when I looked up my vision did some weird tunnely, shadowy thing that I couldn't really explain. So we stay there lying down for a while, but the tides have been really high lately and we decided we should find somewhere else before it came all the way to the cliff. Climbing up, I wasn't seeing anything but felt a body high, and just didn't feel quite normal, but not in a bad way. So we found a field overlooking the ocean and sat there for a while. That's when I started laughing for literally ten minutes straight about nothing, I couldnt stop and I was to the point of tears, it was such a great feeling though. My friend stood up against the sun and there was a greenish outline glowing around her body.
The guys had to be picked up in a bit, so we started walking to my car, and everything was very bright and vivid and funny. The ocean started tinting different colors, and was bright blue, then purpley, then a bit green. We sit at a bench overlooking the sunset that's beginning, and me and the guy decide to finish the rest of my bag of shrooms. So overall I took almost all of an eighth except for one pretty big mushroom that he ate. 
God, the sunset was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. We were staring at the cloud, which became pixelated and formed, I can't quite describe it, but screens of groups of clouds...like the clouds were still their shapes, but they had pixelated backgrounds they were moving with that reminded me of screens. So I started feeling like the entire sky was a screen, and it was all so beautiful. Shapes started coming out in the clouds, and I saw tribal-like faces coming towards me - the only comparison I can think to make for some reason is the obnoxious lemur from the Madagascar movie. Then the sun started to set, and the sky seemed to randomly light up and change colors in different places...and holy shit, I can't describe how beautiful it was. I literally cried at the beauty of it, and so did my friend. I looked at different parts of the sky, and some parts were turning into kaleidoscopes. The clouds were in layers and had glowing outlines and changed colors and...oh my god. At one point I thought I saw something that I described as 'above the clouds,' and for the first time in a while considered the existence of a higher power. I'm still agnostic, but it was very interesting to consider and see that. It almost looked like a ship above the clouds.
In all of this, I was completely out of my body and completely forgot my sense of self. I tried to bite my lip a few times, but missed my lip and when I touched myself, it felt strange that I was there, in my body. While staring at the sky in awe, I quietly said(accidentally out loud, in a soft voice) "who am I?" at which my friend told me to shut the fuck up, and we all laughed at it. 
I think I talked a bit too much, and tried to make sense of what was happening when I think I should have just let it happen, because I was rambling a lot. 
So we waited and watched the sky until the guys had to be picked up, then went to my car - which I was briefly convinced wasn't my car at all, it looked strange and different to me. We changed, because in all honesty my friend and I weren't completely sure we hadn't peed ourself a little bit during the sunset(I'm so glad I did this with close friends, damn) and we were all wet and gross from our swimsuits. I wanted to go to the main beach again and walk on the sand and be around people because I was feeling really good vibes, but my friend started having a bit of a bad trip and wanted to stay in the car, and my other friend had stopped tripping so she drove to a lookout point where we parked for a while. We calmed her down and talked her through it, and finished an entire pack of cigarettes because it felt really nice then. I was started to come down but still felt amazing and everything was very vivid and bright and a bit warped. We sat there for a while and talked, and had some great conversations about life and the universe and how insignificant and small the sunset made us feel, but we realized that even if we have no great meaning to the universe, all we can do is live our lives the way we think is best and makes us and others happy, and give ourselves our own meanin to our small lives, and try to make this insignificant portion of the universe a better place, even if it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. I felt so at peace with everything, and life seemed to simple. I felt like people tend to overcomplicate things, and that really our small trivial problems in life don't matter so much, because we are given an existence and no physical problems can change the fact that we can do whatever we want with the existence we are given. 
So after more of that conversation and my friend on the bad trip had calmed down and started enjoying it more and then coming down, we drove around to look for some food and went to McDonald's. After standing up, I felt the trip again a little bit, and we laughed and talked about the day and ate. The day was so strange but so amazing and I'm so glad we did that. We then went to the main beach, bought some black n milds, and chilled out there and talked to some people while we enjoyed the afterglow, then went home and talked about the experience. My friend felt like she could never go back to who she was and what she did before, and I didn't feel like that so strongly then but now I definitely feel changed. I feel a bit antisocial today, and I feel like I just need to process it all.
But my god, that sunset was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I've never cried because something was beautiful before, but that completely warranted it, there was no other response. I wish I could accurately describe the beauty of it but I don't think I'm ever going to be able to.
All things said, I definitely want to trip again, that was absolutely amazing.

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