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All Hallows Eve

This Halloween I did mushrooms for the first time.

This Halloween I did mushrooms for the first time. I was dressed as a hillbilly, and I knew that they kicked in when I felt as if I was being Birthed through my hillbilly hat. Me and a bunch of people wandered off into a wooded park nearby, and it was a cloudy night, so the streetlights shone an eerie orange in the sky above the black tree's, giving it a very halloween-esque aura. We had some glowsticks, and they were the cause of all the problems that were to follow. Basically, I cracked the glowstick open, and spread its glowyness all over. It was stellar, it looked like stars on the ground, and nebulae in my hands. Then we saw a group of people sitting around a fire with candles, and me and a few people began to debate whether or not they were witches/wiccans, and whether or not we should approach them. I thought that they were neopagans with a lesson or two to teach, but it turns out they were just drunk people. Then we went and sat near a pond, staring at a tree in the reflection for about an hour. We wondered if you could travel to the reflection world, and if it was a window into a parrallel dimension. Halloween is a crazy night for mushrooms, everyone has masks and some people are dressed like pig-men and are scary. It was an amazing first time though.

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