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Knocked out on LSD! CRAZY!


So SWIM told me a story that I can relay better back to you all if I use first person. He told it like this,

"Nothing better than some L on a Saturday right? So it's a beautiful summer day, absolutely perfect weather. I have a strip left over from EF (which was dope as fuck) of some unperferated fluffy tabs of LSD. It was tasteless, and I believe it was real Lucy, feel and all. First unperferated tab I've seen. I only eat about 3 or 4. We're not to sure because there are no cuts on the strip indicating how many tabs were actually on the strip. I'm aware a strip is 10, I saved some, but I took 3 or 4 and my room mate took the same amount. The come up was really really flippin fast for my Lucy experiences. I've done REAL LSD about 10 times, mushrooms dozens, and name and RC and I've done that bitch (well not all of them, I dabbled with RCs the the most out of any psychedelic, specifically 25i and 2ce.) I'd say i have a decent 40-50 trips under my belt since I started 3 years ago. I've only RECENTLY started taking large doses. 6 tabs is the most LSD I've taken to give you an idea. An 8th of shrooms at a time, typically even less. My normal dose of anything is 1-2 tabs. I'm really inching my way up so I know I can handle larger doses. This is besides the point-

So yeah, come up for my room mate was about 30-40 minutes. He was telling me 40 minutes in he was 100%! I was like wtf. But anywho, mine kicked in at the hour mark but i was definitely feeling funky around when my roomie said he was already trippin. So were having a good time, come up is pretty smooth but quick. Completely normally day and normal trip for me. 3-4 tabs is actually more then I am used to and I even made a remark to my girlfriend about how well I feel I'm handling it and how functional I was. We dosed at like 5 o'clock, sipped on some beers and chainsmoked cigs. 

Moving forward to about 8-9pm. I'm feeling all sorts of funky. I get home from downtown (buddy driving of course) with a fresh g of wax. F yeah! 

Side Note: I've said this a million times to my friends, taking a dab when I'm tripping seriously fucks me and throws me into a loop and intensifies the balls out of my trip. I mean like dab and doors immediately start slamming and mother fuckers are talking behind me that don't exist. 

So regardless of my history of being thrown into loops after a dab, I take a fatty. I'm fine for a bout 3-4 minutes until my girlfriend sends me into a laugh attack. I was DYING laughing and started getting oddly uncomfortable. I was pacing around my house fucking dying every breath and shit started getting melty. I stepped back outside for a change of scenery and sat down. At the very beginning of the trip I mentioned to my room mate that my fingers and arms were oddly tingly, a new sensation for me. So once I step outside, I get this tingly feeling back. The laugh attack is done, thankfully. My ears started lightly buzzing and the skies started slowly morphing from dark purple to black to blue to fucking green. Sorry, I swear like a sailor but this was an extremely powerful moment in my life. I really couldn't see past my trees because of the blurrs and waves I was seeing, which is about 20 feet in front of me. This tingly shit was really making me uncomfortable so I stand up and tell my girlfriend I need to sit in her chair (its a gravity chair, more comfortable). She could see the look on my face and let me take her chair. Apparently I had a creepy ass grin on my face at this time. I was with my girlfriend and one other person, who were both sober lmao. at this point my room mate had left for a concert. 

I'm sitting in this chaIr and shit I get an overwhelming feeling of "uncomfortable". I was so damn erked and uncomfortable and trippin so unconfortably. This has NEVER happened in a trip. I have NEVER had what I'd consider a bad trip. I'm so uncomfortable that I stand up to go inside and walk it off or something idk what my goal was really. When I stood up, i took 2-3 steps, said, "I'm tripping balls", and everything went black. Next thing I know, I feel this pound on the back of my head, but a gentle, lifting pound. I'll never forget this moment. After the pound was blackness. Apparently, I passed out, fell straight backwards and nailed the back of my fucking head. This was actually like 2 - 3 days ago. So after blackness, I'm THROWN into this DMT type (never tried DMT) 5  second whirl. I'm fucking flying through my head seeing shapes and colors and spirals in so much detail that I could draw a fraction of what I saw now. For a brief second or two after flying forwards into a different flippin galaxy, I got LAUNCHED back twice as fast as I was going to begin with. The weird part is that the top 3rd of my unconscious vision was black, but underneath were the shapes and colors and patterns. As if the top 3-4 inches of a TV screen went black horizontally but the rest of the TV worked. 

So as I'm getting launched out, this crazy fucking pyschedlic purplish pattern gate like 4d shut. If i was artsy I could DRAW THE GATE FIGURE IT WAS GNARLY. It wasn't a physical gate but a gate of patterns and lines and one solid color. I 100% at this moment thought I was dead. as soon as the gate closed, it was nothing but black, which reinforced my theory that I was dead. I opened my eyes and saw a guy standing over me screaming JORDAN and then calmly saying are you alright once my eyes opened. I hhad no fucking clue who this guy was, until I looked to my left and saw my girlfriend. Oh yeah, I was with Jake and my girlfriend, so that dude is Jake. Jake goes, "you hit your head pretty hard, are you alright?" From the moment I regained consciousness, I 100% thought that I passed out into some psychedelic state and simply lost locomotion and got thrown into my head. I thought that the lucy hit me really hard for a moment and gave a thumbprint style laying on the ground can't do shit moment. 

From the moment I passed out to the moment I regained consciousness felt to me to be about 3 seconds. Yes, all of these thoughts were processed and what not within THREE SECONDS. The second I regained consciousness and opened my eyes I was like "what, I'm alright" and then jake told me I hit my head. After 10-15 minutes of feeling groggy and tired as balls I was 90% sober and completely functional. I ate a meal, stayed up and did some concussion tests, drank a shitload of water, and went to bed (don't be an idiot like me and sleep with a head injury).  

I was told I was out for 5-10 seconds. Eyes rolled back for a while then eventually shut.


 I was in the sun for a few hours at a festival during the day. I was lightly hydrated and hadn't eaten since 3pm that day. Perhaps dehydrated/malnourished which explains the tingly sensation and ringing ears? I was also 5 beers deep.

Dab- Dab fucked me once again. The dab could have sent me into that laughing loop and I could have been oxygen deprived.

Standing up to quickly from the gravity chair = pass out.


Has anybody heard of a trip being stopped in its tracks from head trauma? I went from peaking on 4 tabs to almost NOTHING in 10 seconds! 

Was I launched into a super trip while knocked out, and DID I DIE!!!!! I honestly think I died and this has shaken me to my core. I'm scared to do fat dabs and scared to trip after that experience. I mean obviously I'm alive. But I swear I died. I'm humbled by this experience and consider it a near death experience regardless of what anybody says.

I hit my head really really fucking hard apparently. I haven't seen a doctor, which also isn't wise, but what am I going to tell him I was tripping sack? Fuck no.
the impact that I felt after going unconscious is HAUNTING me."

SWIM is mildly concussed after the experience and has a nasty bump on the back of his head.

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