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Finding my way back home

The trip that brought me home.

Ive had my fare share of trips, but none like a trip after a natural awareness of consciousness. It was a trip that wasnt really planned on, and I hadn't tripped in almost a year. But once I was told by my friend, A, that she was going on her first trip on mushrooms, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join such a great eye opening night with a friend I already have a "spiritual" connection with. So we took our mushies, 1/8 each, smoked a couple bowls, started to listen to some great music. All the classic prep for a good trip. After a good 30 mins i noticed the visuals changing and the vibes from the music started to intensify, I could feel all my own vibes well, a complete rainbow radiating throughout all space and matter. My partner was experiencing this as well. We had a merging of being, we were both the flow, each letting each other control what happened around us. Sharing energy, talking through emotion instead of words. I can only describe it in word as telekinesis. Our minds, thoughts completely open and in the air. Through this flow, the synchronicity that occurred was so natural, the flow always made sure of what is. And we were, so everything else was as well. It was a clear and beautiful moment, because it was just that. The moment. "I" slowly became "he" as I looked at the life I live in unawareness, the problems "he" or "I" faced, how all "he" had to do was flow and all would be, just as it'd be. Our trip eventually led us outdoors early in the morning, looking at the stars. And that's when it hit me. I am home! I felt my ego melt away from my being. It actually made me breakdown and start crying with appreciation and gratitude that I had found myself. It was all the Moment, I had been placed here for whatever reason, taken from the whole, and put into the prison of my head and society, recognizing how man is constantly on a quest to control another. This idea became known as "the rules" the knowingly ignorant ones of what is. But I felt all drift away from the idea of control, and all that was left was unity with all. The wholeness of the sky, the starlight gazing down on me, all those who are, and had once been. Through earlier research and experience, the idea that best describes the feeling was tapping into the knowledge of oneness. The knowledge and experiences of all those before me and all those who are, all their being, combined into one. I realized that I am, and I will always be, even past this life. For a while, this idea became me. That in order for me to truly be home, I would have to leave this life and allow myself to go back up to the source, the whole. I then became what I call "homesick" I was aching to go back up to the source, and drastic means would enter into my head. It wasn't until I let go of all my thoughts, desires, memories that I again felt the flow of the moment. And I remembered that I already am Here Now. whether Im here or there, I will always be here and now. I must be just as patient with death as I am with life. I rode out the trip from there. I no longer need the substance. For I already am. I am trip, I am high, I am crazy, I am Alex. I am. The psychedelics help break down the wall of the prison we put ourselves in. To obtain awareness of what is, and change the world accordingly. We all effect one another because we all are. The sooner we spread this moment with others we can all "be" together! unify the world with love! Help spread the love! By being, so will others. Thats why we must be the change we want to see in the world!

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