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First time mushroom experience

well beyond any expectations

     To start off, this was my first time experiencing any type of hallucinogenic.  My brother and I had gotten a hold of about 5.6 grams of some nice sized cubes.  The research that I had done to prepare myself for the experience was a very helpful preparation tool.  I chopped and brewed the mushrooms in a glass pot for 20 minutes for three extractions with water and 20 drops of lemon juice.  As well as, preparing some syrian rue seeds, 5 grams each to be exact, to be consumed a half hour before we started the ingestion.

     The syrian seeds created a nice relaxing sensation throughout my body after about a half hour after ingestion and sub-lingual absorption.  The three extractions were all combined into a single large pitcher with the strained out mushies on the side to be eaten after the drinking of the tea.  We split and drank the tea which tasted exactly like a mushroom would taste like, as well as, splitting and chasing down the tea with the mushy mushrooms.  This was suggested by many people as the tea kicks in fast, but the solid mushroom extends the effects.

     We sat and started watching some anime together to pass the time and our waiting for it to kick in.  To my surprise it only took about 15 minutes for me to start feeling a body sensation.  The sensation was one of a relaxing and calming feeling.  Which was very pleasant.  Some time passed and the anime's background started looking like it was actually further away and my peripheral vision was starting to be affected.  The entertainment center around the T V was starting to breathe and wave when it was in my peripheral.  This is where the effects really started to kick in.  My brother noticed something in the anime and stopped it to show me and it was funny and i instantly be extremely happy and filled with laughter to the point of tears.  I knew at that moment that it was to get more intense from there.

     Me and my bother noticed that everything was starting to morph and wave.  This brought me extreme joy and unexplained happiness.  It was about 1230 AM at this point and is when time was dissolved.  Time literally meant nothing at all.  The perspectives of different parts of the house started to change and be distorted and we started exploring.  Each room literally felt like a new world that was never explored and had extremely different energies than the next.  I went from sitting to one edge of a room to the next paying attention to where each, what I felt like was a new world, ended and another began.  These worlds seemed to be related to the structure of the house and flooring.  I entered our small half bathroom and that is when i saw the mirror.  This was very strange and intriguing at the same time.  By this point i felt like a bodiless consciousness that was talking to my brother about the amazing things and revelations that I was coming to about the differences in each "world".  Seeing myself in the mirror made me think that I was actually on that side and if I exited the bathroom i would hit a wall.

     This is when the visual hallucinations began.  There was a tunnel of kaleidescope like shapes that surrounded the mirror and they made me feel warm and happy, but I wanted to explore the rest of what the mushroom could do.  I went to our back sliding door with a large curtain draped over it and stopped.  I felt a sense of hesitation for only a split second because I did not know what was going to happen.  I reached out and touched the curtain pushing onto the glass door and an indescribable energy came over my body and brought me straight to tears of, well, I really don't know even now what to call them.  I knew at this moment that I had to go out there a embrace this energy i felt, and without moving the curtain away I opened the glass door and pushed into another "world".  The outside patio is enclosed but only by screen and a screen door so i could see outside and wow, there literally isn't any words to describe how beautiful it was.  My body felt like it was encased into a warm pool of happiness and pure energy.  I closed my eyes and saw different shapes and colors, just allowing myself to truly feel the emotion that had come over me.  All throughout this time my brother and I are having a looped conversation about how meaningless time is and that everyone has their own perspective of the world and you can really only know your own.  However, even though we were talking, we were having different experiences.  I would continue the conversation we were having even though he had left my "world" and gone to see what he could experience.  Later, after it was all done he told me he was doing the same which surprised me in a good way.  Anyways, the room felt enormous.  I went to the far corner and lifted my arms as high as I could and felt like a literal giant.  This was when I walked to the screen door to outside.

     The door has a latch lock and i grabbed onto it feeling a sensation of what I can only describe as freeness to it.  I unlatched and literally busted out into yet another "world".  The sky was black and stars were out like normal, but what i saw brought me to tears of happiness.  The sky was a pink and purple bright hue with clouds that were literally reaching out for me.  The grass was so dark and bright green and looked like it went on forever.  The air was filled with an energy of being free and hope and joy ran through my body.  I went out on the grass and my body felt like i melted into nature and became one with everything.  There was no grass, fence, another house, swing set, no.  I was everything and everything was me.  I held my arms out and up spinning very slowly around paying attention not to miss a single thing about nature.  I felt like I was everywhere but only in this one spot at once.  The feeling once again brought me to indescribable tears of beyond joy.

     These experiences continued as we went and explored all of these different worlds in more depth.  When we finally checked the clock it was 5 AM.  We knew then that time has no restrictions when experiencing this.  It has no bounds and is not even real.  This was the time when I noticed that I heard distortions and everything was melty.  The TV was on the regular show and the drawing were just amorphous and constantly changing and this is when we decided to listen to music.  Music was just, I really don't know, it was the most amazing thing my ears have ever felt.  I literally saw the colors of the music.  The overwhelming joy that music brought me gave me tears of joy and just amazingness.  The feeling that I had while listening to music changed how I felt about everything.  At that moment I was not a person any longer but I was everything.  I felt the energies of everything.  It was just beyond remarkable.  I stayed and took in the feeling until we saw it was 630 AM.  We started making our way to bed but for me it was not over yet.

     When I got to my room it was extremely relaxing and mellowing.  The energy I felt was kind, warm, and soothing.  However, when i closed my eyes I was taken away from my body and what felt like minutes of being engulfed in colors I've never seen before was an hour.  This happened several times until about 9 AM when I finally had gotten to sleep.  When I woke up I felt amazing.  Like I had had a great burden lifted from my chest and my emotions were clear and joyful.  Throughout that next day, colors were more vibrant and nature no matter where it was, became very soothing.

     All in all, I am beyond grateful that I was able to experience the awe inspiring power of this spiritual fungus.  The new feelings my life has been opened to are beyond anything I could have imagined and the respect for this mushroom has grown vastly.  This experience is exactly what I was looking for but what I could not describe until it was happening.  I plan to increase dosage once my mind and body have reached a level of readiness so that I can break down the forth wall and totally dissolve the ego.

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