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All Alone

It was the middle of the week.

It was the middle of the week... It was definetly time for me to pick up some more of these wonderful mushrooms. I have only used them 3 times up to date, twice with one of my friends and this time by myself. I grabbed 4 grams off a friend of school who had advised me not to take them all at the same time...seemed odd that he was saying this about 4 grams.

When I finally got home I ate supper and started munching. I first ate about 1.5 grams...After about 45 minutes I started to feel it. I figured I would be fine for another 1.5...bag to the bag I went. Another 45 minutes later and I was really feeling it. I was beginning to feel slightly paranoid but the state of happiness that I was in drowned that out. I would say I went another hour or so, just tripping mildly in my room watching T.V. and such. Then...I started thinking.. why am I watching T.V? I hate T.V...there's never anything on the anyway, what a waste of time. So I sat there for about five more minutes just flicking the channels, then i thought to myself, I'm an asshole. I'm watching T.V. and I don't even like it. So I decided to munch the remaining of my shrooms, one stem about 1cm thick and 10cm long. This hit me much quicker, I'm not really sure how long it took but it hit me hard. My room had a feeling of what I can describe only as organic. My cat came into my room, I remember thinking that I could control what my cat was doing. So, I played with my cat and tripped out for a while on the thought that I could control my cat. I decided to turn out my lights and just lay there in bed. This is when I really started tripping. I just moved into this house and it was only my third time sleeping here, So I was quite unfamiliar with my surroundings. I lay there looking out my window at a telephone post...I thought there was someone on top of the post spying on me. Then my room started to pulse, almost as if it were breathing. My window was bulging in and out and wonderful streams of colour were flowing out of it. I then brought my attention to my fan which is situated directly over my bed...it was glowing orange. After staring at my fan for what must have been a very long time my eyes began to water...I was having so much fun with this lonely trip that I had forgot to blink. After wiping my face of tear drops i noticed the mirror located about 4 feet away from the side of my bed. I saw some very odd blue lights and reflections from it. By this point I felt like a gremlin with huge dilated pupils taking over the whole of my eye and a huge grin on my face. I remember thinking something along the lines of "The world is a mirrored image" and something about Reality being Masked. I kept obesessing over the word organic...thinking how everything is organic or something like that. I then tripped out on my room for another hour or more and tried to fall asleep...which wasnt happening..It was 2:00 am and I had to get up at 5:30am. I tried to get to sleep for a while which was very difficult for me, i couldn't stop thinking of wonderful things and new things that I had never thought of before. Overall I had an awesome experience and will definetly be into taking these powerful mushrooms again by myself and with friends. I've even decided to start growing my own.

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