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First Trip (Psychedelic Truffles)

Amazing Experience

Date: May 2014

Location: Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Dose: 7.5g Atlantis Truffles


Me and my friend ate 7.5g each on an empty stomach while looking at the lake on a beautiful sunny day in Amsterdam. We both started shivering and chattering our teeth while coming up, despite the warm weather. First noticeable effects of the drug were the out of control laughter at nothing inparticular. The blades of grass had a faint blue tint after about 45 minutes and a fuzzy purple hue appeared around my friends head.


My body felt very relaxed and high. I had a very pleasant jelly feeling in my legs. I didnt want to be apart from my friend at first but needed to take a piss after about 2 hours. I made sure she was OK and walked to a nearby bush for some privacy. It was very strange walking on my first ever trip, everything was jelly like but in a nice way. When I entered the bush I felt like I was in a mini rainforest and I found pissing gobsmackingly pleasing. It felt like I was somehow connected to the plants while pissing near them.


I walked back and stopped in awe. My friend was sitting there on the edge of the lake but it looked like an amazing photograph and resonated with me greatly. So much so I took a photo:


 I might get this as a canvas for my wall %u2013 it%u2019s an unforgettable memory for me.


I felt a tingly numbness in my jaw which I quite liked (and seem to get every time I trip now). I sat back down with my friend and looked at the amazing water. We both were transfixed by it, it seemed like a real living thing that moved up and down. It remember it seemed like silver flubber and badly wanted to dip my hand in but resisted.


I had a very mild OEV of a reflection of a house on the lake turning into a personified train coming to pick me up by the waters edge. It made me euphorically happy the closer it got.


I started thinking about how good this drug was and how it seemed like someone had turned the dial of reality slightly. I felt very content.


I felt some mild anxiety when my friend needed to piss and wanted to walk off. I did not want her to go, but eventually she did. After about ten minutes I became paranoid she hadn%u2019t returned but that subsided when she jumped out of a nearby bush shouting my name. I ran over to see what was going on and she was raving about how amazing this bus was to look at. She made me take a photo:


It is quite funny looking at it from a sober point of view now, but as I am sure you all can see how it may have looked under the influence of psychedelic truffles.


We must have stared at this bush for a full hour. Eventually, I started to feel like I was coming down so we walked just outside the park and sat on a bench viewing the lake from a different perspective. We smoked a joint and looked at the baby ducks waddling around us. It was very serene and beautiful.


We decided to make our way back to the hotel. I find the streets of Amsterdam hard to navigate while sober, so this was very difficult. To get across the road there were three separate pavements. I remember it took about ten minutes to get to the first set of pavement. We were on this first set for about fifteen minutes, not being able to move or get across the road properly. It%u2019s really funny to think about how difficult this was now. After around twenty minutes we managed across and flagged a taxi down. It all ended lying in bed, binge eating sugary food and dozing in and out of sleep.


This was both our first trip, and it was an amazing experience. I realize now it was actually quite mild but I think if anyone who reads this wants to take mushrooms/truffles and isn%u2019t sure it gives a good idea of what a starter dose will give you.


Thanks for reading.

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