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17 subs plus another 5 an hour in...

Good golly was that fun

So I had a whole pile of medium sized subs sitting in honey for the last couple of months and finally got round to having some fun with them. I don't have a weight estimate of them but they're all about 2 cm across if that helps... Anyways, I had a few friends round, a couple of newbies as well as some who have done them many times, and we decided to dose up before having dinner so that by the time we'd finished and the dishes were done, we'd be good to go. My bad...

Well it took a whole 10 minutes to be right into that nauseous feeling before the hallucinations began smack bang on 20 minutes in. It kinda took me by surprise as previous times it had taken the usual hour or so. It started with the floor. There was the running of the patterns in the floor boards and a mist that sat about 20 cm above the surface of the floor. It was almost see through. The best way to describe it is like the Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. At this point (half an hour in), I was feeling incredible. I was super happy and giggly and appreciating being around good friends. The walls were also developing strongly into a waving pattern.

By the time an hour hit, I was enjoying the trip so much, I chomped down another 5. This sent me full simple. I lost my ability to talk and maintain any focus. At this point I was on top of the world, I was seeing colours I can't describe and patterns in everything. There were small points of light floating around, almost like points of energy that I couldn't reach or touch. The analogue clock in the kitchen was particularly trippy. The second hand appeared to be going backwards while the numbers continually rearranged themselves around the dial. All of my friends' faces were completely distorted and constantly changing, often with their pupils appearing square, like a goat's. 

On the outside, I appeared (or so I'm told) to be retarded, with my eyes rolling back into my head and an inability to walk or even stand straight. Mentally I could understand all that was going on around me. It was as though my brain and body were two separate beings. I was asked about 1 1/2 hours in if I needed to go to hospital to which I managed a flop of the arm in an attempt to say "Na, she'll be right". My mates stopped me from eating any more after that (probably a good thing). 

This state of euphoria/retardedness peaked for a solid 3 1/2 hours which seemed like an eternity and was the best high I've ever had. The come down was horrible though... 

Almost immediately, it all changed from amazing to "I want this to end". I felt alone and cold. The cold was mainly because I was unable to regulate my temp properly. The feeling alone was probably because my friends decided to watch the Lion King, which is kinda antisocial as I prefer the interpersonal interactions when high in the realm of shrooms. I knew that I needed to wait it out but the cold was really getting to me. In the physical state I was in, I wasn't able to ask for help, or even find myself another jumper to help me keep warm. I just sat there on a chair in the kitchen for an hour as I regained some of the control over my body. 

Once I was able to, I made it to my room and stood there for another 15 minutes before working out that the best option was to have a hot shower to get me warm again. Getting undressed was a mission in itself as the brain to hand connection was still a bit spastic. It was another marathon effort to get the water going. I could get my hand onto the tap but couldn't get the coordination to turn it without having to seriously concentrate on it. Luckily for me, I managed to get the water going and several mammoth efforts later, had a nice temperature too. The water flowing over me was amazingly comforting while the patterns on the wall were still dancing round like a 3D kaleidoscope, reminding me that I'm still tripping fairly hard. 

One thing that really confused me was looking down at my dick while in the shower and not being able to remember or work out what it was for. "What is this thing? And what does it do?" Not sure if its just me or does anyone else get that kind of reaction???

Anyways I spent a good hour in there until I felt that I was on a more manageable level. The distorted visuals were still there but the mental downer was gone and I had brain to body connectivity again. I got dressed and rejoined the others who were now watching Wall-E and were pretty much sober. I was able to talk again and let them know I was OK and had a brief chat about how things had gone for them. I stayed up for another 3 hours until I my body was too tired to stay awake. I had 7 hours of really solid sleep but woke to still have waves in the walls and melting objects. This stayed with me for 5 hours before finally going away. 

That was without a doubt the best trip I've ever had (so far) and even though the come down was a bit on the crap side, I'd take it over a hangover any day. Maybe next time I'll try just a few more...

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