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Handful of Mutants First Trip

I am growing B+ Cubensis mushrooms PF Tek BRF style. Before the first flush pins came in, I had a small miniflush of mutants come in (tan blobs growing off the cake) .. I don't own a gram scale yet, so I just picked them all of the cakes since they weren't getting any bigger and I wanted to make room for more pins. According to my ghetto balance scale, the mutants total fresh  weight was less than a slice of bread, which is 25-30 grams. So I would say in total I consumed somewhere between 10 and 20 grams of fresh mutant mushrooms. The taste was pretty horrid, so i ate them with bread and water. Me and my friend (who didn't want to try the mushrooms) played basketball for a while until I started to feel a bit calmer after 20 minutes. I stopped playing and walked over to a pile of logs which were oddly bright. I started touching trees and commenting on the texture. Eventually we went inside and sat down, and that's when I really started feeling it. I noticed his curtains moving and slightly changing colors. I commented on it and my friend looked at me llike I was crazy and said "The curtains are not moving..." . He proceeded to play video games while I sat on his couch laughing my ass off and feeling everything. When I looked closely at his face, his bones would pop out and he resembled a skeleton. I laughed for about an hour straight and was really enjoying the visuals until I left the room to refill my glass of water. His mother who I had permission to do this at her house and who was always very accepting of me smoking marijuana in her house and such made comments to me like "I don't want you tripping here ever again." And "This is a one shot deal.. Never again." This really upset me because she made me feel like I made a huge mistake eating them at her house and I should be ashamed of myself.. I went back to my friend's room and told him what she said, and he didnt really have much to say about it. I felt like crying. I wanted it to be over and I just wanted to go home. I was hellucinating and I felt VERY upset. I believe I started to have a bad trip for about an hour due to this. And then my mom came. I grabbed my bag and got the fuck out of there. My mom, even though I could never tell her what I did, made me feel very calm. We went to a local shop to look for new disc golf discs. While I was looking I noticed a very fat woman.. But here's the thing.. She has LONG skinny legs up until her stomach which was huge and perfectly round. I thought this was insanely funny. Looking at the huge racks of discs was overwhelming. The brands and models I knew by heart and normally would have recognized looked very foreign to me, so I just picked out two that stuck out to me (which turned out to be the best ones I've ever owned. After that we went to target. I noticed a man in the same isle as me. I couldn't tell how old he was. At first he looked like a 30 year old man with a small teenage body. Every time I glanced at his face, he became more and more young until eventually he appeared to be a 13 year old boy. After that I went to the rest room, which was very hard to find. What normally would have been a typical square building turned into a maze. The isles seemed small and tight, and I couldn't stop grinning every time I passed somebody as their faces would occasionally warp and I would see 2 pairs of eyes and eyebrows. Eventually I ran into my mom and she went to the front of the store to pay for her makeup and things. I went into the bathroom to pee, and I walked up to a urinal. My penis looked weird, very thin and stretchy. I swear I thought I pulled the tip off at one point. After that I went up to the sinks and washed my hands. Since I was alone in there, I decided to have some fun and made some funny faces in the mirror. My face was changing and I saw multiple eyes and foreheads. When my face began to resemble a skeleton like my friend's did earlier that day, and I felt like the bathroom was starting to melt, I left, hesitant because the door seemed different than earlier. When I went back to the checkouts, I noticed the woman ringing my mom's things up looked normal up until her hair, which shot up and got very large and wide and resembled a cylinder. I walked back out to the car and got in. I felt like it was wearing off, but my mom still had 4 eyes. When I got home I went to my room and sat down. I looked around and the things in my room were moving slightly and changing tones. That's about all before I completely came down. I enjoyed the trip overall and definately will try again, alone, in my own house in a week or two when the first real flush is finished. Thanks for reading, and happy shrooming

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