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The BUS State

My first experience with weed: 1g Brownie

This trip happened this year & it was my first time ever experiencing weed. In the end i remember saying if this is what getting high is I understand it being illegal.. I tripped hard 

My friend had a couple grams of weed & we decided to make brownies I helped out & after it was finished wed decided to try them the next day.. 

My friend doesn't smoke weed often, On the day I met him at the bus station we ate about 1 g each, They Were GIANTTTTTTT HOLY FuCK they were MASSIVE ASS PIECES of brownie cuz we suck at baking & portioning but yea we ate them and it took like 20 minutes to eat,

From the station we took a bus that would take us to a mall with a theatre, me & hiim sneak in the that theatre Everytime we go there so that was the plan, 

Ive never smoked weed ever so I had no clue what to expect, my mouth was stained with the taste of rrich chocolate and weed, & about 10 minutes away from the mall is where i pretty much died both of us were dying during those 10 minutes away from the mall let me explain..

We were at the back of the bus just talking there were a good amount of ppl on the bus but they were young so it was cool, i was talking to him about whatever and he was telling me he was feeling it but i was like idk what your feeling idek what im suppose to feel LOL i thought id feel euphoria and ultra chill like bob marley, but when it started i felt my eyes sink into my head (he told me this would happen) & LIKE  A MINUTE LATER I WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF IT, I THOUGHT I WAS IN A DREAM I FELT LIKE I WAS HOLDING ONTO REALITY & I WAS COMING UP WITH SCENARIOS OF WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO US ON THE BUS CUZ I KEPT RISING HIGHER & HIGHER, i thought that wed both blackout and the bus driver would call the cops idek.. i felt TRAPPED like i was drowning in water, my mind being the water and the surface being reality.. i turned to my frend & whispered "im scared"  to this day he laughs about that. I felt my fate was set so i was saying my name and explaing what i took in my head my heart was beating SO FAST I THOUGHT ID HAVE A HEART ATTACK & i was guiding myself saying "relax you need to stay sane keep it together" & "this is real life you need to pick yourself up dont die" LOL it was mindblowing

Once the bus got to the mall everyone got off & getting off the bus saved us.. honestly i couldnt possibly handle sitting with my mind drifting in and out of reality.. Everything was fun and both of us to this day talk about the BUS STATE we were in.. 
Being at The Mall on the level we were on was the best thing EVER! It was like being at disney land, alot of clothing stores have a theme to them & the green amplified my senses.. ambercrombie & fitch had like a dark woodsie beach vibe & it felt like another world being in there not to mention it was huge a lil dark and looped around, So yea things were great

I could also change the time era i was in haha like i was telling my friend, during the trip if i wanted it to be the 80s i closed my eyes opened them and it looked amd felt like the 80s, it was kinda hard to communicate if i talked quick, english came out & if i thought about what i was saying gibberish came out, I felt at times like shit if hes as high as me I know for sure he wont understand shit im saying t& as high as we were we still ended up stealing snacks and icecream from shoppers drugmart and sneaking into the movies im sure we watched the lego movie which was a mind fuck it was amazing! we movie hopped alot & then chilled outside before we left.. 

tho my eyes were bleeding red it was a great day the next time i do this its gonna be at some amusement park cuz everything was so perfect after the BUS STATE.. i wasnt back to normal until a week passed this event happened a couple months after i turned 18

To those who read this far thanks for reading 

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