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SWIM's first LSD experience

Four nights in a row, plus shrooms

So SWIMs relationship with LSD starts off weird. Every time he's found it, he had no money. If he had money, he could never find it. He bought a bunk dose that did nothing. When SWIM finally has the chance to consume good acid(reliable source) it was two inches away from his tongue and his friends affirm "NO!!!" Not wanting a bad trip, SWIM did not proceed. 6 days ago, he is at a friend's house and friend pulls out two ounces of shrooms, and a 10 strip. Having been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, and hearing about LSD previously used in Autism therapy, SWIM proceeds with the following... 

Friend tells SWIM, take your pick. SWIM asks for a brief run-down of an LSD trip, and learns how to tell a bad trip to fuck off. SWIM puts one and 1/2 tab under his tongue and gets a slight metallic taste. SWIM has finally consumed the holy grail. He lights up a smoke and eats one gram of shrooms, not wanting to alter his first LSD experience too much. Watching trippy videos on youtube and a lot of electronic music, SWIM swallows tab 30 minutes in, and giddiness sets in around 40 minutes after consumption. Soon after, walls begin to breath. A little after that, there is no suppressing the fact that SWIM is indeed on acid! SWIM was thrilled! Having done copious amounts of shrooms in the past, SWIM is able to tell the difference between LSD and shrooms. This distinction may not have happened at a higher dose of psilocybe. He was feeling good, and occasional tracers and lights that weren't there would flash and flicker in his peripheal. Colors were bright, vibrant, and after 2 hours, SWIM felt 100x smarter. Even though everyone was everyone, he couldn't tell the difference, unless he switched personas to analyze hallucinogenic thoughts. Barely any paranoia, and while SWIM feels like he could have handled 2 doses, he's happy only doing one the first night. Stars were dancing, trees swirling, thoughts were hard to track, and being overwhelmed with universal knowledge, nothing seemed weird. Until, a white light appears on the horizon just before sunrise. He watches this mysterious light as the day slowly wakes, and thinks it is an alien spacecraft. SWIM KNEW this wasn't just the acid. His friend comes back outside after ugly bumping his girlfriend, and SWIM points to the light, and friend sees it too. Binoculars are brought outside, and SWIM sees green and red, small and big, while friend claims to see a tree made of lightning. They knew what they were seeing wasn't a star, and that the hallucinogens were causing their perceptions to differ. Two people on acid watching a UFO is comical. It's like a blind man and his deaf friend being the only witness to a murder. SWIM didn't sleep that day, and when night falls yet again, he consumes two hits of acid and three grams of shrooms. Swim has memory issues... He gets to sleep a little after sunrise. That night, SWIM consumes 3/4 of one tab of lsd, not really being affected, and no shrooms. The next night is 1 final dose of LSD and it is odd that he remembers the first night better than the nights of more recent times. So yeah, four nights in a row for his first LSD experience, and three days after the fourth, SWIM is still melting walls on command and irritable one minute, happy the next. Nothing too crazy though. 
SWIM finds out that the mysterious light was likely a space station, as there is a manned mission currently.

SWIM is a new man, tired of living a life of greed. He now aspires to help others, this includes more thought into lyrics, and reading runes and considering making his own soap.

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