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Third time taking shrooms, woah

7.0 grams dry

 This was my third time taking shrooms ever. I have taken acid twice, and smoke weed daily. I have not taken shrooms in a while (8 months). I am doing an internship this summer and i found a very active field and decided to go pick some. We picked about 30 shrooms in all, the largest cap weighing 20.6 grams fresh. I dried them in front of a fan for about 2-3 days. So this past friday June 13th I took them with my girlfriend. I had not eaten for about 4-5 hours before i ate the shrooms, so i had a decently empty stomach. To start out i ate 4.5 grams dry and waited for about an hour and a half and nothing happened. I started to get frustrated so i ate another 2.5 grams that i had left over after my gf ate her share. Then about thirty minutes after that i start to feel it. About and hour or two into my trip i am starting to really see vibrant colors and 3 dimensional patterns and those shapes morphing into others and moving and dancing, when i closed my eyes it was like a light show, like waves and ribbons of color, all of these crazy shapes. At one point the lights were off and my and my gf were laying side my side and i can hardly tell what is her face and what is her arm, the walls, ceiling, bed everything is all out of proportion. Everything had become 3 dimensional, I remember trying to stare at my hand because it seemed like certain parts were getting bigger and other parts were shrinking, but i couldn't keep still long enough to tell, I peaked for about two hours and it was one of the most awesome experiences i have ever had. I definitely will be going out soon to pick more and hoping for a stronger trip. 

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