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Morning Glories=Night terrors

probably shouldnt have eaten beforehand

I have just recently learned about morning glories and naturally curious I picked up some with my girlfriend a few days ago. She's never been too happy about my experimenting with new drugs or hallucinogens, but she relented since these were natural and I explained it all to her. We both took about a hundred and twenty give or take in a smoothie. We had a pretty good time lightly tripping in my room except for the nausea. The trip lasted a good 8 hours when accompanied with pot. Two days later I decided to try a 300 seed dose by myself. I'd already eaten supper and my dad had made milkshakes for my sister's and gave me one as well. I took a dramamine with the milkshake and an hour later I drank the ground up seeds in a smoothie. Two hours later and I was still only having threshold effects. I started getting annoyed thinking it wasn't working. I turned off the lights in my room to wait for the trip and I ended up falling asleep. The trip hit and it came with nightmares. For a few hours I tossed and turned in my bed and I woke up when a big storm had rolled in and the power turned off. Being summer both my fans were off and my room heated up fast. The dramamine wore off by this point and I was too out of it to get another. Finally at about three the power turned back on and my box fan along with it.I couldn't take the droning it was making and I got up to turn it off. My stomach turned and I grabbed my trash can and immediately heaved into it. For thirty minutes I was bent over the trash can wretching my guts out and trying to get an awful droning noise out of my head. I finally stood up and stumbled to the bathroom banging my head on the door as I went and took a shower. The noise of the water made me wretch again but the warmth eventually soothed me and I got out feeling better. I crawled back in bed and immediately fell asleep. I probably shouldn't have eaten before hand or fallen asleep. Just my opinion. 

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