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My first real touch with the magic

My first real touch with the magic

Hi there fellow explorers :) I've been using mushrooms at low doses ( 1.2- 2g) and one time I decided to have a larger dose of 2.3 g. I am very carefull with the dosage and only increase 0.2 at a time. This is how it started:

I got up early at about 7 am and  did some meditation to get started. Then i ingested the mushrooms and lied in my bed with eyes closed. I put some psybient music for background. When the effects started I was freaking out that I took too much but then all went fine and the trip began. A light was coming out from some of the objects. My bicycle looked like a beautiful living thing with ligth coming from it. All was very beautiful. The curtains of the window had some flowers on them and the flowers began to dance like they were alive. This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was absolutely amazing. At one time I had  an amazing body feeling like some invisible creatures were hugging me. After a while I was feeling one with the universe and complete happyness and joy went all over my body and spirit. Then I felt like I died and I woke up alive again. I saw myself as I muscular man.  After that I started crying fo no reason and went to bed to have some sleep.

In the coming months I started lifting weights and drinking protein to get muscular. All of this because I saw myself as a muscular guy. Shrooms are one strange substance..

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