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800mg of dxm.

What a ride.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to try dxm. I have done it before but only in low doses and I wanted to try a stronger trip. I'm only 16 so I can't buy it so I decided to steal some. I walked to my local walmart and stole 3 boxes of mucinex dm (along with 2 zippos.) we waited untill about 12 o'clock and decided it was time. We had to be extremely quiet because we were at my grandmas and she was sleeping in the next room. I opened my box and took each pill one at a time. They left an extremely bitter taste in my mouth. It was so bad It made me want to throw up. After I finally got them all down. I knew there was no turning back. I wasn't all that nervous because I had done other drugs like salvia,weed,Xanax, and diphenhydramine but this was going to be my strongest trip yet. I settled down and watched a movie on Tv. It was john carter a pretty weird movie. After an hour I felt pretty much nothing and was getting discouraged and anxious. I knew it was gonna kick in soon so I just kept on waiting. A half hour later I began to feel the effects coming on it just felt like I was moderately drunk which was a little disappointing because I was hoping for some sort of psychedelic-like trip. About 10 minutes later the teffects started increasing. I couldn't focus my eyes on anything. Everything was blurry like I was under water. I sat up and it felt like I was still lying down but about a second lateri felt myself sit up. All my senses were lagging by about a second. It was extremely disorienting. I had never felt so helpless about controlling my own body. It was amazing and frustrating at the same time. Everything started to develop a neon glow. I felt as if my body wasn't really me. Iwas my a spirit trapped inside bone and flesh and blood. It was a very alien experience. All of the sudden I realized I really had to take a piss. To get to the bathroom I had to walk straight past my grandma who I hoped was sleeping. I stood up and it felt like I was on 100 ft high stilts. All I could say was oh shit. I reached for the door handle and missed. I tried again and missed. Trying not to laugh I tried a third time. Success I twisted it for about minute before I realized I was twisting the wrong way. Little did I know I was about to walk into the strangest room I had ever been in. I shoved the door open and took a step out. The room looked like it was full of mist or smoke. The tv was on and it was casting strange light everywhere. It looked like the inside of an alien spaceship. This scared me but I reminded myself I was just tripping balls. Then I tried to walk towards the bathroom door. My grandma who was sleeping on the couch moved. It scared the shit out of me. I continued walking towards the bathroom door and then I heard her voice. "Are you okay?" FUCK FUCK FUCK! I thought I'm fucking fucked. I slowly turned my chest towards her while keeping my feet in place. Yeup. I said in a extremely drunk sounding voice. Ok she said I just though you were limping. Holy shit I thought I just talked to her like I was retarded and she didn't even notice. Then she started talking to me about random shit like parrots and cactus and I seriously couldn't tell if she was actually saying this or I was hallucinating it. I just said ok and walked into the bathroom. And everything sort of looked like it was coved in a thin coat of water. I tried to piss and couldn't. After about ten mins or so of just standing in front of the toilet and trying to piss some finally came out. It hurt so bad it sent a wave of pain through my body. It felt like I was peeing acid and lava at the same time. I decided I was done and walked back to the bedroom. When I opened the bathroom door everything looked like the interior of a spaceship again. I slowly walked to the bedroom and as I was reaching for the door handle my grandma started talking about random shit again. I knew it wasn't real but is stayed anyway until she was done and went into the bedroom. I'm still not sure if I even walked to the bathroom or just hallucinated it. Because as soon as I closed the door I was instantly lying on the bed listening to Jimi Hendrix. I felt relaxed like i hadn't moved for hours. I sort of just drifted into my own mind after that leaping from random thought to random thought not even remembering I existed in the physical universe. I slowly drifted to sleep and the next day I felt like I was just as high as I was a few hours in. Over all it was a good experience but wasn't all that psychedelic . I would rate it 7 out of 10.

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