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My first trip report

30 g's fresh

Swim and his friend Z decided they wanted to celebrate memorial day by hanging out and going on a little trip together. Swim had recently just gotten into psychedelics about 5 months prior. He had tried LSD about 10 times a few small doses and a few big doeses and had been smoking cannabis almost daily for about a year and a half and had tried shrooms twice, not having many visuals both times, only a slight change of thought pattern.

Well swim had bought 30 grams of freshly picked Psilocybe caerulipes, swim's dude had went and picked them that morning.

Z chopped up the 30gs and started to make the tea, so we sat down with his neighbor and our other friend and we smoked a J.

Swim had drank his first coffee cup within ten minutes and thinking he had a strong tolerance to psychedelics, he decided he would drink two cups, so he downed the second one, sparked a cigarette and started to play GTA.

Z's neighbor has bad ADHD, so he continuously just kept talking.

00:10 Swim had started to notice that things were starting to become different. Sounds seemed a bit enhanced, colors seemed brighter and his motor controls had started to slow down, he was suprised at how quickly this trip started to come on.

00:30 Swim began to feel extremely sick, so he sat up and held his head, the voices of his friends started to not make sense to him, they were highly distorted and it almost sounded like they were speaking a language that he did not understand. So he went to go get a glass of water, and when the water was pouring swim felt as if his hand started morphing to the cup. He started getting angry for no apparent reason, he took a sip of the water, then angrily threw it in the sink. Then went and sat with his friends again, laughing at how funny their voices sounded.

00:50 Swim started to feel extremely hot and his breathing got extremely heavy, so he went to go lay in Z's room where there was air conditioning. Once he laid down, he felt extremely tired and started to fall asleep.

01:20 Swim started to dream. He was in a Forrest, the trees were beautifully glistened, and walked around and felt extreme bliss. Then he felt himself take a deep breath, and he felt like he couldn't breathe, he quickly awoke but couldn't move, his heart was rapidly pounding, feeling as if it was about to explode, he gasped for air, he couldn't move his body, everything slowly faded to black and swim firmly believed that he was dying. He didn't want to die, he saw several images of happy moments in his life, he heard voices calling his name, saying that it's time to go.

01:40 Swim woke up laying in the same Forrest he was in before, he laid there shivering and scared, looked over to see a tree quickly form into a lady. She was made of bark, she had bright green lights for eyes, she almost looked like a goddess. Her arms reached out, branches and vines wrapped around me. She held me and rocked me back and forth and started singing in a language that I could not understand. Then leaned close to my ear and said "This is not the end, you're here for a reason. Go forth and show the world what you can do, happiness will take over your soul, let all of the past go."

02:00 Z had came and laid in the same bed as swim and they tried to explain everything that was happening to each other, but it was like the both of them were too exhausted and confused to say full sentences. Swim rolled over to try and sleep and started hearing Z say that he wanted to have sex with him, and felt like Z was reaching to grab his private area. Swim started to freak out because he's straight. Swim opened his eyes to only see Z kneeling against the toilet about to throw up.

02:15 Z had started rapidly vomiting and Swim could feel the sounds throughout his body, it became too much, so he got up and went back downstairs to get some water. He started chugging water.

02:30 Swim felt like he was falling asleep on the couch, but would just keep getting awaken by his friends as they talked, and when they would talk, he would see bright lights. Swim wanted the intensity of this trip to go away, he wanted to die, he wanted to kill himself to make these feelings go away.

03:15 Swim was still laying on the couch with his eyes closed then all of a sudden saw himself staring into a mirror with a pistol against his chin and his finger on the trigger. Swim closed his eyes and felt himself pull the trigger.

03:40 Swim had woke up and felt extremely thirsty, so he got another glass of water and then everything that had just happened hit him at once. He remembered that he had just died twice, he started panicking and pacing around the house feeling extremely scared and lost, he just wanted to go home and be around his girlfriend, he thought he was never going to see anyone he loved again.

03:50 Swim went into a Z's spare bedroom and lit a cigarette and started drawling to try and calm himself down, buy he heard Z throwing up and Z's neighbor leave. Swim thought that it was medics coming in because Z had died. Swim tried to look on his phone to see if there was anyway to stop this trip, but the pages would turn white everytime he would choose a website.

04:00 Swim had thrown his phone and then thought he broke it, so he went to pick it up, and finally yahoo answer was on my screen and all of the words became scrambled and swim started to hear his girlfriend's voice talk to him and say "You're going to be okay, you had alot of shroomies, just relax, it'll wear off in a few hours. Find something relaxing to do, and drink plenty of water." Then the same words appeared on the blank white screen.

04:15 Swim had started meditating, things started to ease, he began to have a stable mind again.

04:30 Swim went downstairs to go find his friend and he sat there and talked to him about his expierence and how he needs to take a break from drugs and how he was pushing his limits.

04:45 Z came down and started talking to us. Both of us seemed stable minded again, but both still felt a little scared from everything that happened. The feelings lasted a couple hours after that, but slowly went away.

10:30 Z and Swim's friend had drank half a coffee cup and had one of the best trips of his life, he had stayed up all night and made some pretty good music on his mac.

Day after: Swim still feels a little shocked from everything that happened, he's having slight hppd, but he also smoked a little cannabis in the morning

Swim doesn't feel as if he'll try shroomies again, he's scared of them now, and because of that trip, he feel as if he tries them again he'll just relate the feelings to his first trip. Swim is taking it as a learning expierence, though.

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