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Forty Six years old..first time


Hello..I have had two packets of mushrooms sitting on my table for over a year. I did mushrooms one other time when I was super young, but it was mixed up with a crazy night of drinking and acid during a crazy moment of youth..

I was driving home listening to Amber Lyon on the Joe Rogan podcast, she was talking about the great experience that she has had not only with mushrooms but with Ayawasca. Anyone that is on this forum should listen to that podcast.

I decided that I was off from work tomorrow..(I took the shrooms about 3 hours ago)..and was going to use the medicine tonight.

I was very nervous about taking too much, I had two bad experiences with marijuana edibles, I was absolutely bananas!!

I took only one gram and it was perfect..I now know my threshold and had a really good time..
I felt "stoned"..had very intense movies playing in my brain when I closed my eyes and learned some things about me...

Of course I thought about death..my dad..I cried a little..I petted my dogs....and will definitely do it again..

here are my personal thoughts that I will share:

1.I am way to hard on my self, I live my life wrestling with my own self..its a game that is un-winnable..stop it.
2. My brain needs to slow down..I am thinking about so many things at once, I am not thinking about anything..its almost scary to sit and think about something for a long period..i may avoid it..
3. There is good in everyone..I have to see that more..
4. I am vain..i went to the bathroom..in a house by myself and put my hand up to fix my hair before I looked at myself..if i am not myself with myself ..who am i around others..
5. Couple of scary brain inside out moments..


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