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Alice in Wonderland

The first time i ate mushies, i ate about the same dose.

The first time i ate mushies, i ate about the same dose. (3-3.5 grams.)My first shroom trip was a bad experience, partly because my whole trip was out in the wilderness on the 4th of july (i dont recommend taking shrooms in the forest). but anyway im here to tell you about my second time taking shrooms. Me and 2 of my friends ate an eighth each of some strain of psilocybe. To pass the time until our trip began we put on the Incubus vol.2 dvd. it was pretty fun but my friends dvd player was being a piece of shit so we took the dvd out into the living room to watch it. we fastforwarded it to the part we were at when i first started feeling the effects. It came as i remembered it the time before, at first its a crazy body fry, i felt as if i was incredibly stoned. then without warning i looked down at the carpet. my friend had a rug on the ground and it was all ruffled up, the whole rug and floor began flowing like a river running over rocks. i started laughing and pointing. i looked over and one of my friends was gone and the other one said he wasnt tripping yet. anyways. we went into the back room again and decided to roll a joint and put on alice in wonderland (i recommend this movie for shroom, it will blow your mind). we watched alice in wonderland while smoking. this movie completely intensified my trip. i didnt understand the movie while i was on shrooms, the whole thing looked like a bunch of random shit thrown into a cartoon. we turned on the lights after it was over and all the walls looked green and red and i saw the whole light spectrum. the walls were doing the kaleidoscope thing and i looked up at the ceiling. the textures in the ceiling were all swirling around and looked kind of like oil spilt on the ground all colorful and swirling. i was on a good trip and was just sitting back and enjoying it. much more happened that night and i dont really wanna type all of it, in fact i cant even remember the order in which all the stuff happened but all i can say is take mushies and watch alice in wonderland, you'll have a good time. and one more thing, i would'nt suggest tripping around sober people, they trip my balls, they'll probly put you on a bad trip, thats jus my opinion. if you dont want to have a bad trip i suggest doing it indoors in a friendly surrounding where you feel completely comfortable. You cant be paranoid or anxious or the mushies will intensify it into a world of shit for you...have fun

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