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First time shrooming

Yesterday at Havasupai Falls :)

My boyfriend and a large group of our friends went camping at Havasupai Falls for the past 4 days. Yesterday was our last full day there, and was also the designated shroom day :) It was my first time trying them, as well as our friend's girlfriends first time. 3 other friends of ours did them as well. Everyone else was sober. Havasupai Falls is a beautiful and magical place already, so we knew this would be the perfect place to take shrooms. At noon we made pb & j's, each with half of an eighth, which turned out to be the perfect amount. We at our sandwiches and headed toward one of the waterfalls, which was only a 10 minute walk.

As soon as we got down to the waterfall, we started to feel them. We started to get giggly, and all started to display the "joker smile" haha. It was perfect outside, sunny and warm. The water was turquoise and cool. We all made ourselves comfortable on different rocks around the waterfalls, some of us in the water and one on an inner tube (which was the best). The water flowing overI high the rocks made the rocks look like they were bobbing in and out of the water. The emerald green ferns, moss and other plants growing along the wall around the water fall looked like vines that were twirling and growing, and falling downward. The actual cliffs looked really cool, I'm not quite sure how to describe the shapes they were making. But the visuals were amazing! Everything was wavy, breathing, and in green, yellow and red.

I didn't have a strong mental high which was nice, because I didn't want to think. I wanted visuals and that was what I experienced most. The body high was great, too. It was hard for me to keep my balance becuase I basically felt like I was floating, so I stayed by the falls for about an hour. After that my boyfriend and I walked over a hill down a canyon, away from the waterfalls but still awesome. We layed in the dirt, which was super fine and soft. I saw the most intricate pattern, like a quilt, in the sand. Everytime I moved the sand around, the pattern came back. When i picked it up in my hands, it was there. It was so cool! Sinking my fingers into the sand felt amazing as well. I layed down and looked up at the walls of the canyons, the trees, and a flower that was swaying in the wind right above my head.

After some time we all went back to the waterfall. I wasn't really feeling it much anymore, which was nice. We jumped in the water and I felt reborn.

Nature is just the perfect place to take shrooms. I highly recommend this place; it really does not get any better than turquoise waterfalls. It was paradise and a day I will never forget :)

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