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Heartbeat of the Universe

6.7g dried solo trip

This trip took place 5/22/2014 at 9:00 am. 

About the author: Somewhat inexperienced shroomer with 10 years research and under 10 trips over that time. Taking Cymbalta (SNRI) daily for about a year, for depression and anxiety, which seems to reduce the effects of psilocybin. This trip was the most intense and highest dose taken to date.

I had the day off of work and decided I would consume some of my leftover mushrooms, I started with 1.5g, ground in a coffee grinder and consumed in a PB and honey sandwich. I like to watch a good movie or listen to music during the come-up. Put on "Waking Life" and watched it while i came up. +0:45 and felt very little, decided to weigh out another 1.5g and drank that down with some orange tea.

+1:30 I finished watching the movie and still felt very little other than a slight body high, I decided that I wanted to increase the trip and get the full blown experience while i had the chance. I put the rest of my mushrooms in some just boiled water to steep for a while (total dose of 6.7g) I went outside for a cigarette and decided to put a little cannabis in the end of the smoke, and smoked that while i watched the weeds and grass outside dance ever so slightly. My body felt good, light and heavy at the same time. A tingling sensation and partial numbness coated my whole body.

+2:00 I went inside and drank most of the tea while reading new posts on this site, I chewed up the caps that floated on the top of the tea, they tasted great, the texture was amazing after they steeped in the tea. 

+2:20 Things began to take hold pretty hard at this point, decided it would be best to lay down in bed and listen to some Brian Eno on my headphones. This is where I can no longer keep track of time, and the trip really started.

+?:!% Time had no meaning. The humming and beats that were playing were tuned into the earth. As I lay there in my bed with my eyes closed I started to see amazing geometric patterns, they started with simple points that expanded in waves, the music painted an amazing picture of the infinite. I started getting "information" from the mushrooms..

+@:#0 The mushrooms showed me the connection to the earth they have. The sun (Father) sends its love to the earth and this love gets absorbed by the Earth (Mother) and she gives it back during the night. The Mother sings to all life in a high pitched hum/vibration. I was showed how the mushrooms experience this love, how life outside of the human condition experiences pure love. I felt a twisting orgiastic pleasure, I felt the mycelium of the mushroom around my body. It was as if I was a small rodent in the far distant past, I was burrowed in a bed of earth and mycelium. The mycelium Sung to me, this song of pure love and safety. The protection felt in this burrow was amazing.

The Heartbeat I felt was a night/day or seasonal heartbeat. The daytime I could breath in the love from the father, at night i slept while the mother exhaled. I had understood something that is very difficult to put into words. The unity of life was interesting... the mushroom was trying to show me what it's life was like. It seemed that psilocybin/psilocin was a beacon for the mycelium to find more of the network, once the mycelial network was connected it would feel this love and unity from the rest of the network. Dead mushrooms or mycelium or any other life was consumed/cannibalized to feed the network so the love could continue.

The cannibalization confused and somewhat disturbed me. It seemed that the mushrooms saw this and they stopped singing to me. I had enough anyway. I opened my eyes to the walls of my bedroom melting very quickly. Many eyes/cells appeared in the melting parts of the walls. I turned off the music, as it had become quite dark. I stood up and left my room and went to the bathroom. I took a piss and looked in the mirror at my eyes, my pupils werent very large but i saw fractals in my iris' which was very cool.

+4:30 I checked the clock and made a mental note. It seemed as I was able to comprehend time and space at this point, although the open eye visuals were very intense. My house was a mess. I had to clean, no idea why, but it was disgusting me to the point i wanted to vomit. I went for a smoke and the outside world blew my mind. I got hit with loads of paranoia when i saw my landlord outside in the back yard, i attribute this to the cannabis. I went inside and cleaned. I cleaned my house and decided I would do my best to put off procrastination in the future and present. I had experienced pure love and it was now time to work...

I hope this makes sense, or helps you in any way.

Peace and love

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