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Starting tp notice a pattern...

I know im not alone

So just to give you guys an idea of where im coming from, I am fairly new to mushrooms. 23 years old now, growing up I always wanted to try mushrooms, but always found myself backing out when the opportunity came in fear of "tripping out". I did however have friends who had done them, but learning more about mushrooms, I started figuring out that I reallllly did want to try them, but not with the people who I do call my friends.

My first time was with a friend of mine who I had never spent a day with prior. I had seen him around,  had a few conversations, but thats it. And when we tripped that night, even with my good friends there, I found myself wanting to be with him. No homo...haha but as you all know, you vibe with certain people. I mainly shroomed with him after that, and we became great friends but only hang out when we shroom.

ANYWAYS, I have now shroomed a handfull of times, most have been great, only had 1 bad trip, but even that night I dont regret. I have noticed a pattern tho.
Every time I trip, at a point I find myself feeling odd, like I feel like a frog or some sort of reptile. I feel & see patterns, designs, lighting, things that generally bring me to feel and think, "reptile". 
It sounds odd, and Its hard for me to describe the feeling, but literally everytime I shroom, at some point I fall into that feeling, which seems to last most of the trip. Tho its never been overwhelming, or been the highlight of the trip, its always there. 
 Ive done very little research about why, but have read stories of other people coming in contact with things like this. Just curious if anyone here has had this same feeling, or maybe has some insight as to why I keep falling into that.

I wasnt sure where to post this, and sincerely apologize if I am in the wrong forum.

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