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Red Dawn Sleepwalkers

Plugged, railed, and popped. Short burst of energy.

Red X Dawn Sleepwalker


I swallowed some pride, and plugged one Sleepwalker.


Body is significantly warmer. Burning bum. Resisting the urge to use the toilet.


Trying to stay seated for a while longer.


Definitely feeling the early stages of a strong onset.




Walls breathing. Objects not sitting still.


Could NOT resist urge to shit. Bum still burns, still coming up, so at least I absorbed something. I have three pills left, so I’m going to open one, make four lines, close the rest, and pop it with the other two. I’d only pop two, but that would only leave me with one, not much, so I might as well use it tonight.


GBH(not GHB) sounds great right now. Never really listened to them before.


Two lines and 2.8 pills. If I was two steps closer to sweating, I’d be sweating. Sleepwalkers are a potentiator for music. Or is it the other way around?


Sweat on nose. Just did two lines. Now I am those two steps closer! Pun intended. Sucks, how I don’t have friends who are into some of the things I am(minus some friends down South). I want to share the fun.


Not much else going on really. A short-lived high. I had more motivation than usual, and am still energized, but nothing like last night. That’s for sure.

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