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4 Red X Dawn Sleepwalkers

Started getting psychedelic towards the end

So here's last night's Sleepwalker experience. Doing another tonight.

Red X Dawn


No sleep last night. Drank Kratom after Turmeric. No prescriptions last night either. I’d likely have slept otherwise. Still up, falling asleep, trying to hold it together for an hour or two longer so I can take some Sleepwalkers. Why there is “sleep” in the name, I’m not sure, as these are a stimulant. I bought 8 pills, and 2 seems to be an average starting point. The package says 2-4, so I’m going with three. Who knows, maybe I’ll get inspired to finish a couple drawings I started a few days ago.


Well, now we wait. I’m SOMEwhat tempted to drink Turmeric and Kratom, but I won’t. I don’t need it tonight and these Sleepwalkers being a new experience for me, are best left to their own plans for now.


There is no way these pills are already kicking in. They COULDN’T have dissolved this fast. It’s just a placebo tapping into the last few nights of Kratom. Oh yeah, and there was Kratom remains in my mug, so that’s probably it. Ohhhhh, I forgot. Cannabis spray, haha. Makes sense now. If I’m not tired by sunrise, I’ll probably chew up some California Poppy,  fresh(TOXIC) picked from my backyard(I didn’t do it, thankfully). Had thought about trying these since high school, but never felt called until today to pick some. I have roughly 15 closed flowers. Dosage for these is something else I can read up on.


Dude, I’m feeling something different. I think these things are starting to dissolve. I feel like my vision wants to split independently assigned an eye. Vertical shifting, merging is what I sense my eyes want to do. Yeah, it’s obvious these pills are kicking in. I look at my screen as I type, but also imagine a blue sky with lush green under the soft glow of the orange sun. Reminds me of this photo I took the other morning… http://one-vibration.com/photo/sunrise-2?context=featured#.U3by6uhX-uY


Water is refreshing. Solitary night-time partying is not as fun as groups, but, I’ve learned that opening up too easily gets you hurt. I’m not here to vent, leave it at that. Stay positive! :)


Mainly waiting for these pills to kick in full force.




Vision is blurred slightly, as I stare at Infected Mushroom’s album cover for Vicious Delicious, and listening to the song, “In Front of Me.”


A part of me feels like I picked up booze again, and I start to feel self pity about it. I could beat a 5th to the bottom before I got drunk, and nearly do it again minus lack of intoxication, as well as memory. No reason for pity as I see it. No booze here. Just a curiously starving cloud of confusion.


Music just isn’t doing it. Or maybe it’s the TYPE of music.


Waves, more frequent, and intense than the last. Hard to say how this will work out though. Hopefully this doesn’t take too much longer to boost. If this is as strong as these things are, uh, oh well.


Don’t ask why or how, but upon doing a phrase consultation(in this case, flipping to a random page of “The Story of Edgar Cayce: There is A River,” but not before asking the book about addiction), I turn to this:

“Hugh Lynn was perplexed. He wanted to approach the scientists, especially the psychologists, but it was obvious that they were going to be hard nuts to crack.

“Better leave them alone,” Edgar advised. “The more I sit out on my pier and catch fish from the lake, the more I think we’d be just like those fish if we went to the scientists. We’d be grabbing at their bait-the chance to be considered respectable-and we’d be hooked. There’s enough food for us in our home waters. We’d better stay in them.”

Difficult making complete sense of it now, but I’ll understand later.


Very, very euphoric. Anxiety practically gone, CEV(must draw them, OR ADD TO CURRENT DRAWINGS!)


Almost take another, but rather save it. Plus, I don’t know for sure how long these things will last with me. Some say a few hours, some say 12+, so who knows?


Definitely some CEVs still. More colorful than earlier. My head feels like a balloon.


Fuck it, time for a fourth. Not doing a fifth though, no way. I’m feeling too affected to drive, yet tolerant enough to handle 1 more.


Just a head’s up, dark blue capsule, with yellow powder inside. It has the appearance of Kraft macncheese powder. Doesn’t smell putrid. Wohhhh. Smells kinda like cheese. Or am I just imagining it? Upon looking around the dumped pill powder, I see a tiny flash. There are some sort of crystals in this substance. Not enough however, to easily stand out. Mostly the appearance of pulverized chalk. So if you happen to find some so called “Sleepwalkers,” you have an idea of what to look for. I put about 90% of the powder back into the cap ends, close, and take it. I have about .4-.5gr, line up four, and take one up. Mild pain, but numbs quick. Nice boost. Real nice.


God, good thing I don’t have any money left to spend. This stuff is highly addictive, or fun maybe? Urine is lime-neon-yellow. Body surge.


Redemption Song is just far out there. Not sure if I can handle three more. OOOH SHHIIIT! Gotta let that one settle for a moment.

Even though the background is white, and words are black, I kinda imagine purple and orange setting somewhere in the background.


I feel like scum right now, mentally. Physically, I feel great. I mean, here I am, doing something I would not normally be doing. And it isn’t exactly too attractive. I’m honestly debating whether or not to throw the rest of my Kratom away. Not these pills though. Oh yeeeah, come to think of it, no RLS since these Sleepwalkers hit me. I had tension in my thighs. No more though. The drip is bitter-sour. Starts around 10-15minutes after first line.


Geeeze. One left. Now I realize how dirty money actually is. I’d put the last line in my cup, but I don’t want the effects to last too long.


Drip done, one last line to do… Jesus, this rush in my body…


Well, whether or not this makes sense, I no longer feel like I’ve been up for over 30 hours. Despite my extreme euphoric high, I feel normal. However, I’m going to try some vit-c, and see if that doesn’t bring me down a little. I’ve heard rumors about it bringing you down from certain chemicals, but it too often seems everyone is an expert on vit-c. Generally speaking. Thus, creating uncertainty. I look at it like this: While shrooms are not Sleepwalkers, every time I have eaten shrooms, EVERY time, I follow up with a big glass of OJ. Most I ate at once was half oz, and still saw nothing out of the ordinary. This is just speculation, but I speculate that OJ lessens my shroom trips. Never got sick from shrooms either. Different sources, different strains, no puking or solid visuals, EVER. So, could vit-c bring my Sleepwalker high down?


Man, this has been one hell of a mindfuck tonight.


Took Prozac and Zyprexa around 2 hours ago. Easily sidetracked when writing here. I’ve been having dreams WHILE playing my guitar. Falling mentally asleep, staying awake physically. These pills, 4 for ten bucks? I’ll do it again, but not often. Can barely stay awake now. Must eat, then crash.

Something I wrote while coming down: when the elephant comes running down the mountain, hes got nothing to worry about because hes been up all night

dont forget old george, with a pipe hanging from his mouth, he can tell everyone about, how he got tossed around

but don’t pay him any attention now that theres nothing i forgot to mention, it’s a god-damn shame, useless intention and the greatest mother fucking invention

televisions teleporting visions, on the vicious, cycle of demons, i am restless, how to perceive this, here you are numberless and never homeless

I wake up around 6:30 pm. Debating whether or not to go to a friend’s house for dinner. So yeah, Sleepwalkers MORE than work. These pills will put your dick(or tits) in the dirt for sure. Wondering about plugging one next time, seeing as I only have four left. Never did that before. An old Sioux told me the best way to do Peyote, is to plug it.

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