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Home Cooked 5-Meo DMT

Just a short description of my experience with my buddies first home cooked batch of the spirit molecule.

I had a decent amount of this stuff so i was quite excited. i had a rather fancy glass pipe that i had specifically for smoking DMT. I've seen DMT before like an almost yellowy/orange residue but this stuff came in milky white crystal like substance. it had a pungent oder when smoked.
    My buddy who cooked it Baby Jesus (Not his real name) had tried it a few hours earlier in front of me to assess the quality before making the final sale so i knew it was worth the money i payed.

Anyways i packed a small amount in and gently inhaled, carful to not touch the flame directly to the DMT, but just enough to vaporize it. the first hit was harsh and i felt the body effects almost instantly as i held it for what felt like a lifetime. during the second toke i noticed the burning subsided, i felt as though i was being rushed forward at light speed. i had tunnel vision as everything became super sharp and brightly colored. everything in my plain of sight, the trees the leaves the table on my deck where i was sitting all popped out as though i was on a massive amount of Magic Mushrooms. All of this happened as i inhaled my second toke.
    as i exhaled my second toke i realized i was in the depths of it now. shutting my eyes finely as i take my third and final hit i am surprised by clouds of vibrant color that rapidly form solid looking 3 diminutional mandalic structures resembling Mayan or Incan art.

I have no idea how many seconds in i was but i couldn't have been very far into it. as i exhaled i opened my eyes for a brief moment, suddenly i was assaulted by intense OEV's that to this day are still so hard to explain. They only lasted a second though before i shut my eyes again. 

i felt like it was too bright all of a sudden, even with my eyes shut, so i covered my face with my arm and i swear i could see what looked like an ex-ray of my arm for a brief moment in psychedelic color%u2026 to be honest thats the last thing i can say in sequence. the rest of the trip can only be described as pure ego death. a decent or an assent into hyperspace. i met other beings and saw fantastic ideas, i could see the the love and the emotion within me and all life. I got the sense that what i was baring witness too was the universe exposed to me as it really is. i felt comfortable and safe and almost nostalgic, as though i had been in this world the whole time and my world, my life, my memories, where all but a dream. i remember seeing a landscape of red and blues and greens flow into a waterfall that defied gravity. It fractal'd off into blood vessels that formed a pair of lungs and suddenly i was having an inner body experience of some kind.

When i started coming down and the visuals that i have such a hard time explaining deformed back into blobs of colorful clouds i opened my eyes again breathing deeply feeling the cool of the air on my goose bump covered skin. "Im down" i think as i watch the glass table morph into what looked like a calm ocean before my eyes. The residual effects lasted 5 or 10 more minutes. After that it was as though i hadn't taken DMT at all it was wild. the first of many DMT experiences.

 it was a long time ago and my memory and writing abilities are not perfect. this is my subjective experience. Honestly if you came here wondering what it was like, my best advice is to try it for yourself.

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