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Hi. One day me and my friend ryan bought a 8th of golden teacher and an 8th of P. Cubenis. We weighed each 8th in half and we each took half Golden teacher and half P.cubenis. We put our 8th's into film containers. We were on our way to Jomma's. A kik ass resturant. We took our shrooms about half way there. Ryan only lives 10 mins away from The mini-mall where jommas is. When we got there we orderd some garlic chees toast. It took a real long time for them to make the shit. When we got our food we had allready started tripping. I went up to get the food, brian (also a mushroom head) who works there was like "damn your pupils are big." I was goning to say "yeah I know" but instead I said "how come there is a bunch of stick men dancing on my toast, Damn it Im getten out of here." I didnt even know what I was saying. I went over and told ryan to come outside so that we could go to the bush party that was happening across the street. He said sure. I gave him his cheese toast. When I looked at my toast I said " I cant eat this, the alians are here for me.". I threw my cheese toast on the ground.

When we got to the trail that leaded to the party spot, I looked at the ground and all the leaves looked like a bunch of loonies (canadians know what they are.). We showed up and every one was totally loaded. I knew every one there. I had a conversation with the guy next to me about guitars. At that time I couldent feel the trip. Then I lokked at the fire, It hit me and hard. All the sparks took on the shape of a UFO. I said to ryan "told you they were here for me." he didnt here me though. Then I looked straight into the fire and I saw the devil. So I decided to talk to him. Only I wasnt speaking, the words were like a captioned tv show (shows for deaf people). I aked him where he was and all he would say was REDRUM. I was freaked out cause I saw that gay movie with that redrum=murder bullshit. so I told ryan that me and him should go on a gourney. So we did.

We got outside the trail and walked in some tall grass for a while. And we both at the same time saw a death circle (thats what we call it.) which is the devil circle and star thing. We took of running. We stopped and found a wooden crate. The thing was huge. We thought that we could use it for fire wood. So we picked it up. I'll continue this later. My dealer is on the phone. You all know how it is.

Be Prepared For Part 2

Alians 2: we got hockey sticks and we ar gonna kik your ass

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