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Kratom Experiment 5

Headache, much Turmeric

Kratom night five

About 11:55am I mixed a couple heaping tablespoons Turmeric with water. From what info I’ve read on search results about Turmeric , it seems to be a high dose, even for potentiation purposes. 1 or two grams seems to be the common dose for potentiating Kratom. Right after 12:30am, I consumed two massive tablespoons of Kratom. It is now 1:19am.


Was not expecting to be this affected. I’m feeling good though. A little shaky, but good.


Trying to word a sentence and having trouble for a few minutes. This normally doesn’t happen.


The sentence needed no change. I’m definitely bombed.


VERY bombed. I’m hungry. I feel like I just killed a 12 pack at a moderate pace.


Music. Drum bass. Simply confused. Food tastes really good.

When taking Kratom with my Prozac and Zyprexa, I don’t feel the need for sleep as soon as without the kratom. At least that’s how it was last night, and at least one of these other Kratom nights. Last night for sure, can’t recollect to the best of my abilities at the moment.


Occasionally paranoid, but I think most of it(paranoia) has passed.


Time is going by mildly fast, even though it doesn’t seem to exist. If only my ego could always be this distant from me.


All of existence, time, egos, thoughts, animals, plants, people, stars, space, all of it, is held together by one mathematical equation. The more we grow, the more we learn. What’s 1+1? 2. What’s 1,000,000+1? 1,000,001. Where do you draw the line?

There is a subconscious instillment of life’s equation in everyone and everything. Enough to intrigue, activate, inspire, and influence, but not enough to physically solve the mystery.


One hit of pot, and a cigarette. Nauseous.


Another cigarette. Not as nauseous as last one. No pot. Coming down. Dry mouth similar to that caused by alcohol, not exactly the same of pot. After 5 nights of Kratom, I would say that this plant produces effects comparable to alcohol and/or MDMA, but it is a different substance, so it is obviously not entirely congruent to alcohol and/or MDMA.


Mild headache upon picking up guitar.


Headache. Cottonmouth. Heavy head. I don’t really recall getting the nod this time around, even though I did the last few nights. I feel like my brain was chewed up by mental rats and handed back to me on wet newspaper. Mild discomfort due to tense thighs, but I noticed that when I woke up last night. Turns out, other people are experiencing muscle tension too with Kratom.

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