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Kratom Experiment #4

More Kratom experimentation



I eyeballed 1 gram of Turmeric powder, as it seems to be a great Kratom potentiator. I put it in a glass, mixed with water VERY easily(unlike kratom), and drank it. There isn’t much flavor to Turmeric so in addition to dissolving well, the taste isn’t bad either.


Turmeric is definitely a POTentiator! I feel a little more empathy than my oil normally gives. I took my night-time dose of CBD oil(minimal THC), and am getting blankets of peace wrapped around my body. Just saw a light(hallucination) that appeared to be a white LED light a few inches behind the computer screen(while staring only at the screen), so that spiritual experience I had a couple weekends ago still is having an effect on me. I got the immediate knowing that it was tracers leftover from that. Experiencing waves of euphoria not usually experienced.


Listening to reggae and the nightly rounds of sirens. Overcome the sirens with reggae! Yeah, I’m starting to feel weird and psychedelic. Kinda like shrooms, but not as intense. Like jelly and jam.


I’m feeling more affected right now(ten minutes before Kratom), than I was last night after kratom. But, it’s coming in flashes.


I won’t look up Turmeric effects until much later, because I don’t want to know just yet. Plus, this will be an uncorrupted report when it comes to Turmeric.


I wasn’t even going to take any Kratom tonight, but (walls breathing) after finding that Turmeric is a potentiator, I had to try it out.


Time for the disgusting taste of Kratom… Less water, more drinkability. I’ve never been so compassionate in my life. Emailing someone about forgiveness, listening to Nahko “Warrior People.”(Ironic timeing(Why can’t I spell time?) Timing. Stupid spell check! I want to tell everyone I love them. But that would get me some weird reactions. Ironic timing if you knew the synchronicity of what I was reading AS I was reading it.


I want a cigarette, but not sure if it will make me feel sick. Cigarettes usually do that to me in hot weather.

11:23pm Body high.


Losing interest in emailing right now, and just want to kick back and relax, surf for music, but I need to keep emailing. I’m getting couchlock after taking one hit of pot. The music stopped, and I’m just going to put it on repeat.


Colors that aren’t even here taste like cupcakes. I haven’t taken my pills just yet, not sure if and when I will tonight.


Ohhhh shiiit. I’m experiencing the body high that happens when the plane door opens up just before jumping out and free falling two miles in less than one minute. Obviously not the EXACT same feeling, but somewhere between proven fact and popular metaphor.


I’m feeling excellent! Minor stress on the back of my neck from leaning forward to type, but nothing worrisome.


Feeling euphoria, but more compassion.


Relatively clumsy. I approximated one and a half times the amount of Kratom as last night, Not exactly sure how much. Maybe 8gr tonight?


CEV Hallucination. White banner, thin black outline, red, yellow, green in the middle.



Getting lazy.


I scratched my head and fixed my hat, and it produced a bit of a head high. I see again in a new way, the significant relation between herbs and Reiki healing.


After ten or so minutes of silence, I put on some music again and the effects of the herbs go up.


That was a significant burst of euphoria. I felt a lot of peace, and while I did get slightly paranoid a couple times, I easily and nearly effortlessly got rid of it. I have about 1/2oz leftover, so 3 or four comfortable doses. The turmeric WORKS as a great sidekick. This is no placebo speaking. It's that obvious. I eyeballed a gram, but it might have been more. Maybe 2 at the most. I got one of those brief chug highs upon drinking it. That quick placebo you sometimes get from drinking or eating something that is mind altering. About $30 for an oz isn't bad, seeing that you have roughly 8 servings(depending on tolerance), and considering rumors I've heard about MDMA's prices. Not to imply that the two are alike, although the euphoria and feelings of love I felt on Molly(what I hope was Molly) seem similar to Kratom's euphoric love. One thing I find ironic is this: When the Kratom made a hint of coming down, I thought "Oh maaan, this sucks" but when it actually started coming down, I was let down peacefully, as opposed to reluctantly.

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