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Kratom, round 3

Roughly 3 tbsp

Kratom Round 3

So I’m going to do something a little different tonight. Instead of writing mainly about effects, I will also describe my thoughts. I think it is important to find out about thought patterns caused by a substance, in addition to it’s physical effects.


So I’ve been listening to a lot of reggae recently, but thought tonight I’d start off with GWAR. Dave Brockie AKA Oderus Urungus passed recently, and I will never forget seeing them live. The night Obama was re-elected. I remember sitting at the bar in the back of the venue, watching the polls. Minutes later, GWAR came out and tore the stage to shreds like they usually do. I was more concerned with getting mysterious liquids sprayed on me than the pit, as this was my first time seeing them. I would not be surprised if the remaining members do a final tour and kill Oderus. Knowing GWAR, that’s probably what will happen. Rest in space Oderus!!!


So, this is the third night in a row I’ve taken Kratom. I just took about 6 grams(assuming the bag I purchased had 1oz. Felt like it.)


I feel a quick rush of energy. Then by 10:08 it fades.


I feel like my aura is expanding. I’m definitely feeling different. Tonight might be a strong one. I don’t have a scale, so weight is eyeballed. I made sure to take what at least appeared to be twice the amount I took last night, and the night before.


I put on Infected Mushroom’s Becoming Insane. I think the main reason why I’m easily susceptible to mind altering substances is partly due to my interest in metaphysical thinking. I used to have OBEs at church growing up, not fully leaving my body, but often close to the exit. I’ve read the Satanic Bible, the first part of Astral Dynamics, and stuff online. Generally, things I was told not to read growing up. So I’m susceptible.


The song stops, and it’s like a party being shut down. Thoughts are fading and being forgotten. I’m going to take more, as last night’s dose barely did anything. I know tonight’s will as I doubled up, but I want a stronger effect.


I know, I’ll use some moon water that I put herbs in under the full moon. The fucking guitar solo halfway through Infected Mushroom’s “Heavyweight” connects with my inner being and says tonight will be good. When you combine psychedelics(mushrooms, salvia, etc.) and music, you remember that experience. One will trigger memories of the other later in life. It stays in your psyche. That’s why I’m listening to IM right now. It’s psychedelic trance/electronica.


Hands are slightly jittery. Slightly more than normal. I do get jitters when I focus on something, due to a neurological soft sign I was born with.


I mix up some herbal moon water with a tablespoon of Kratom. This stuff doesn’t dissolve too easily. Well, it’s not entirely bad. It usually sits on top of the water, but stir it good and drink it fast enough so it won’t be as bad. Oh yeah, forgot I had herbs in this. No pot, just some essential oils and common herbs found in metaphysical shops.


I’m mainly writing another report to sort of document Kratom’s effects. I know I wouldn’t want to base all decisions on one faceless review of something I saw online. And, I love to write.


I finish the second glass of Kratom. I feel like I’m experiencing the future in 35 minutes. Starting to heat up. A buildup of energy. I feel like I’m in the waiting room for a 3 minute 33 second ride through space. I wonder what tonight will bring.


I wish I still had some recording equipment. I love doing songs under the influence of something. Not because it’s cool, but because that’s when I make the weirdest sounds. Everyone has their souce/s of inspiration, whether or not it’s chemicals, and here’s ONE reason why the music industry has declined: Record companies care more about commitment, and less about talent. Commitment is their main focus, and talent is just a piece of salt on the platter in the eyes of most modern record companies.


Dollar dollar dollar signs. Shame. Zoning out. Sweating lightly. Listen to “Dream On” by Aerosmith, most if not all of Grateful Dead, Skynyrd, George Jones, and all the classic stuff. We don’t have much talent anymore hitting the mainstream. Most of it’s underground, because very, very few executives want to take a chance these days. Frank Zappa said something similar.


Flashes of heat and bursts of energy.


Strange, my legs are like jello when I walk.


Well, not exactly. I don’t know. The effects are coming in waves. I don’t recall experiencing more than one or two waves before mushrooms reach their peak, but I did on MDMA.


Kinda feels like I’m coming down, but I hope it’s just the final wav. Literally within seconds, I feel it again. Waves are getting closer together. I sorta feel like there is a core to my being, and my body has minimal importance. Itchiness, but controllable.


Listening to pink floyd and the sounds combined with light sweating reminds me of a liberating summer.


Slightly paranoid, but easily quelled.


Beginning to nod.


I know I can’t walk in a straight line, so I won’t even try. I’ll just sit here at the computer listening to music and conversing.


Itchy. Slow buffering is a total buzzkill.


I definitely enjoy the stimulant effects more than the sedative effects of Kratom. I think I need to take a break for a while before taking more. I don’t want my tolerance to be up as much.


Getting the munchies. Also, no CBD tincture or pills so far, but soon. The fact that I am not zooming makes me think about having not taken pills or weed tonight. Possibility that Kratom intensifies pot/pharmas vice versa. I’m not a pharmacist, just a subject. Although I do know that the CBD(Cannabidiol) in pot prolongs(not intensifies), and actually lessens the intensity of THC, and the more CBD in strains, the less THC you have. I wonder if CBD also prolongs the effects of Kratom.


If CBD’s relationship with THC is similar to Kratom, that would lead me to believe that it was not only tolerance, but the anti-depressants and Kratom intensifying each other. So, I wonder what would happen if next time I take my pills with Kratom tea, and no tincture? Since I was zooming the first night, and not much tonight, instead of waiting the full Kratom break, I’ll give it just a few days before I take it again, and with the same dose as tonight, to see what happens.


I barely feel like writing.


When I stand up and walk around, I feel Kratoms effects way more. When I sit back down, I am almost sober. I feel metaphorically, like a speaker. The power is there, but only active when activated. I don’t recall any chemical doing this to me, at least repeatedly, and intensely.


I took my pills some minutes ago. Only I can’t pinpoint the time. Could be anywhere up to 20 or so minutes ago. I would agree that the pills(Prozac and Zyprexa) have a strengthening effect with Kratom. Moreover, It normally takes an hour or so before I feel the effects of my pills.


I feel very warm. Sweat is borderline beading up. I’m going to take my CBD tincture as I know now that Kratom intertwines with pharmaceuticals. I’m not taking the tincture to get high. It doesn’t really produce much of a buzz anyway, especially if you have a high tolerance. I started taking it a few days ago, and was told I wouldn’t notice long term effects for a couple of weeks. It is very difficult to get all of the THC out of a strain, so if CBD is getting you stoned, there is some THC involved. Check out http://www.projectcbd.org/ for more info.


Feeling waves again.


I’ve been craving a cigarette for the past hour or so, but the chemicals had me focused on writing an email.

Brief rush of euphoria while I was having a cigarette.




Tired. Really tired. Not much else going on.

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