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First 2g Trip Dry P. Cubensis

Awareness&Let Go

I was with my friend Alex who I don't know very well. He was a bit scared because of the fact. I was pretty relaxed, like I know trips are my thing and can do no harm with my 'mindset'. I wanted to take 3.5g at first but he convinced me it was way to much for a first trip, and that we could eat more on our way anyways if we needed to.
So we're in a natural spot on a Sunday afternoon sitting next to a river in Los Angeles. I start tripping and I am amazed to the accuracy and detailed way I see all the particulars of the tree branch in front of me. Then it starts molding into some beautiful geometrical shapes and the colors start changing and becoming real bright. I feel like I could completely lose myself gazing at whatever. Everything is just so fucking beautiful. For some reason we get up and I need to pee. I go on and off walking and stopping and I am laughing at everything until I realize hey, maybe the parking lot is not the ideal place to do that with all those people barbecuing. Which my friend got a bit paranoid about, he felt like people were just staring at us which was probably true but I couldn't give a damn. There was a sense of immense authentic freedom in me that nothing could break. I look at the mountains while we go towards the restrooms and they have all kinds of perfect and harmonious patterns on them, moving and shifting in stylish beauty. I think at that point I become real as never before. I start expressing everything. I am feeling innocent and completely careless. Pure present moment awareness. I notice my friend is a bit worried about something. I didn't wanna bother him much though, as he says he's doing ok. My complete state of let go led me to realizing some deep truths about reality, I was tripping hard on the meaning of life and being in this human body. It's like, I know I am just inhabiting this temple, I said. I am from fucking space, man. I noticed my abilities to communicate were very good, and actually even better than everyday. So I realize something and I tell my friend hey man, I know why I came on this earth in the first place. I have a perfect spot and I needed to be challenged all my life to reach the awareness of communication at the level I am getting to now. I had all the answers. I just told him everything in a very raw way. But also smart, I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable. I was aware of the fact that we were tripping and careful to what could bother him. Then he felt like driving away from there was for our highest good and I was like ok yes and I felt like I could be completely honest and 'naked' in front of him because I felt so innocent. I realized I am an absolute beautiful being and so is everyone. I was clearly seeing the illusion of humans when they try to hide things and they focus their energy on worrying, complaining, etc. Anyways we drove to get gas and on our way we were driving on a long road surrounded by mountains and I was so happy, laughing and pointing in every direction, saying oh my god look at this look at that, there was such immense aliveness on earth and such a high frequency of existence!! We then stopped at a supermarket to get food. We were pretty much tripping in there and we could see everybody with such clarity. And they were awkward. Then my friend told me he was scared at first to take the shrooms with me because YOU JUST CAN'T HIDE STUFF... And I sure realized that. But I had nothing to hide. The experience was amazing and I was being extremely funny, I don't know where my jokes were coming from but I think I do actually, I was channeling. And they just made us crack up. It was as if I was just watching everything happen, whatever I was saying, doing, etc. My friend's like " oh man, you just can't buy this stuff. How do you even come up with these things?" and I simply said it was coming to me, flowing like a river haha it was just fucking hilarious. I don't remember the jokes now honestly. They just fit the moment. Complete let go was the most awesome thing about it. Present moment & Fresh Aliveness. Oh and the colors, wow the colors are just so amazing man. I could see auras and colorful lights around me&everywhere. There was no attempt to control the experience or control ANYTHING at all, and I was inviting my friend to do so too.
I realized HEY MAN WE ARE FUCKING POWERFUL BEINGS...and this is why we're not like this yet naturally (I meant, in this high vibratory frequency). I mean, what are you gonna do with all this energy? You shall gather it in your field lesson after lesson and you have to take responsibility for it. Da fuck are you going to do with this life?
By the way, a note for beginners. Don't take them lightly. Shrooms are the fucking boss. You just can't fuck with them. No joke, TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY and be ready for what they will show you. Especially, be ready to see yourself.
Looking forward for my next trip, shrooms are in my bag waiting for me. I got sick after that by the way. A big headache and my body had to process all that new energy! Powerful though...
Wish you a wonderful trip!

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