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Trapped In My Own Thoughts

1/8th Shrooms, 2 hits Acid, 15 hits Weed, 3 hits 5-MeO-DMT

Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. This was easily the most intense psychedelic experience I've ever had. And it all took place May 10th, 2014, at the Shpongle concert at Red Rocks.

As I'm sure most of you know, Shpongle is a psychedelic jam band who basically are the gods of trippy music and visuals. Well, my buddies and I decided to go see the show at Red Rocks, which very well may have been their biggest and best show yet.

Anyways, before heading in, I bought a fourth of shrooms, and one of my friends ended up getting two 4-hit acid gummie bears. We split the drugs and dosed up. I took half a gummie bear, or 2 hits of acid, and an entire 8th of shrooms. We also had a couple grams of weed on us that we were planning on sneaking in.

I was really excited for this event; I had only been hippy-flipping once before, and it was a bad experience. Now that I've become accustomed to psychedelics, I felt ready to try it out again at a spectacular show. However, I got a little worried waiting in line to get in, as I could already feel the energies in my body. I didn't want to start tripping until I got past security, for obvious reasons. But we ended up getting through just fine, except one of my friends, who was given a free ticket which ended up to be bunk, so he couldn't get into the show (I still feel so sorry for you, bro!). Trying to keep in a positive mindset after that, the remaining three of us went to use the bathroom, and we could hear Emancipator on stage, about 15 minutes into their show.

We met up again and headed into the amphitheater, and damn, it looked epic. I've lived in Colorado for almost 15 years now, and this was my first Red Rocks show. There were probably around 10,000 people in there. It was absolutely packed. We found a good spot around the middle-left, with a great view of the stage, and packed a bowl to start dancing to. Emancipator was awesome, with epic violin solos and cool guitar riffs. We danced on about 2 or 3 decent sized hits of weed, and Emancipator soon came to an end. It was during the intermission that I could really feel the psychedelics coming in, and woah. I could feel the underlying shroomy goodness coursing through my veins subtly, over-encumbered by the mellow tones of marijuana and delighted euphoria of LSD. I started giggling really hard, and felt wonderful. Turning around to look at everyone, I saw a group of 3 people directly behind me. I asked them how they were doing, and they responded by saying they were tripping HARD. I laughed and said the same, and we spoke some about Shpongle. They brought up that they had DMT on them, and explained that that's what Shpongle is for. They go hand in hand, supposedly. Hearing that surprised me, because I had always viewed DMT, at least N,N-DMT, as an extremely profound and spiritual thing you do in the quiet dark, not at a crazy concert. But, intrigued, I asked about it and they said I could have some when Shpongle starts. I found out later that it wasn't the N,N-DMT I was expecting, instead it was it's non-visual more intense sister, 5-MeO-DMT. But I'll get to that.

Shpongle finally came on after we smoked some more weed during the intermission, so I pulled on my space goggles and prepared for the ride, as is customary with me and concerts. They started off with Brain in a Fishtank, which got me very excited. The energy was building as the song went on, until the first initial electronic entrance, where I couldn't help but start moving. I closed my eyes and danced, with crazy vibrant fractal patterns shifting rapidly under my eyelids. Nothing was really crazy or anything, just a very enjoyable trip that fit very well with the music. Looking around with my eyes open, I saw the rocks move in globulous ways that are hard to explain, but they would morph into different arrow shaped animals, such as a dog head and the sort like that. It was really cool, especially with the lights reflecting off it. But then when Shpongle threw out their actual LIGHTS, damn. That was the craziest light show I've ever seen. With lazers firing rapidly into the cosmos and flat patches of light illuminating the stage smoke and rain all right in front of our faces, it really drew me into the experience. I was tripping pretty good, and my body would just move as if it were part of the music. And I couldn't help but just stare at the lights. So mesmerizing and crazy. I'm pretty sure most of the people in there weren't even dancing because the show and lights were so entrancing.

It wasn't until after an old man fought off a black devil on stilts with a snake trumpet that things started to get crazy. Did I forget to mention that they had a whole SHOW planned? Full acting and everything, in some super crazy costumes. Anyway, a "tube-man" or "slinky-man" stepped onto the stage, and what the fuck. He looked like four giants tie-dyed slinkies attached at a center body point, and he moved in the trippiest most impossible ways. I don't know how to explain it. I just couldn't figure out how he was doing that. Body extending and lifting beyond human length, flipping onto all fours and sliding across the ground and bending himself in acrobatic anomalies. It was pretty crazy. But it was during while "tube-man" was dancing that I received a tap on the shoulder, and a joint was passed to me. I had already taken quite a few hits of weed, around 12 or so, from other joints being passed around, but I knew this was different. It has an energy to it that felt vibrational in my hand. I asked the guys what it was, and one of them responded with "It's DMT, bro! Hit it!" And so I hit it.

What I had heard from DMT is you're supposed to take 3 hits, all very big, and hold all of them in at least 30 seconds. So that's what I did. Yes, I just took 3 hits of 5-MeO-DMT while really high, on an eighth of shrooms and two hits of acid, at the biggest Shpongle concert yet in Red Rocks. DAMN. I don't know if that was genius or a horrible mistake, but this is what happened (keep in mind that my memory at this point became absolutely fucked, so things may or may not be out of order from this point on or not make any sequential sense):

After taking the three hits I passed the joint to my friend, who took one hit. I felt vibrations and energies soar through my body, and quite quickly I knew I wouldn't be able to stand up. Stumbling everywhere, I tried to keep my balance as reality exploded. My brain was waving in and out and in and out at light speed, and nothing was relevant as nothing made sense. I could see just fine, but it didn't matter, because it was in a different reality. I had been mentally transported somewhere else, and everything that was going on made no sense, as it wasn't part of my current reality. It was irrelevant to everything going on. Then Shpongle puts yells out "My heeeaaaaddd feels like a FRISBEE" and I realised then that it was true. My head and mind were a frisbee spinning insanely fast on it's side, and that's why everything was so fucked. And everything was FUCKED. There was no relation to the world or concert, and at some point I sat down right on the ground. Folding over myself, I closed my eyes and went soaring. I felt as if I wasn't part of my body anymore, I was simply my essence of being stripped of everything, alone with my thoughts, held hostage by DMT. I felt as if I were up against a large iron wall the kept me contained. I realised that this is the wall of breaking through, and that I hadn't quite broken through, although it was still insane as all hell. There were insane closed eye visuals, but these were coming from the shrooms and acid, and they didn't add to the experience at all. I felt separated from them, which is something I had never experienced with CEV before. I remember DMT speaking to me, bullying my essence, saying things like "You chose to smoke me, now you have to deal with THIS, motherfucker!" Everything was looping, it had already happened but hadn't, my brain spinning morphing, my essence being alone yet at gunpoint in the best of ways, and all I could think was "This is something else. Damn, this really is something else." Infinitely, forever this went on. Until I decided I could ,stand up, and keep watching the show. At that point the infinity had ended but I was still tripping HARD. I was at least able to communicate sounds and images to my head again, which was a relief, but my mind was still racing at impossible speeds. I just couldn't believe it. All of this was actually happening, and the lights coming from the stage designed to trip us out just were so beyond belief and understanding, it blew my morphing and spinning mind. I can't remember half of what happened for a while. I was just staring at the stage, completely merciless to the power of everything, my thoughts racing and racing back and forth, still repeating "This is something else. Damn, this really is something else." Time was irrelevant. There was no time. There just WAS. There was amazement and confusion and a mixing of realities. At some point I pulled off my space goggles, and that's when everything returned to normal. I didn't know how to feel, I was just so blown away by what I had just experienced. I couldn't speak, I could barely move. I was simply in shock. My buddy who hit it hadn't had nearly the same experience I had, it turned out. He was standing the entire time enjoying the show, and it seems he had tried talking to me when I was on the floor, and I hadn't realised. At this point, I felt the most sober I had ever been, even though I knew I was still tripping pretty hard on shrooms and acid. It's just that compared to what I had just experienced, this WAS sober. Like, Jesus Christ! It was just fucking insanity! Well beyond the limits of ANY sense of comprehension or integration. Absolute CHAOS OF THE MIND. Apocalypse, the end of being, the separation of identity, a hostage crisis, the intertwining of two opposite realities, and it had all happened in about 30 minutes. WHAT THE FUCK. HOW DO YOU TAKE THAT IN?

So yeah, pretty crazy. Shpongle came to an end soon after I took off my goggles, and I was so worn out from that experience. I sat down again as we waited for the encore, which I enjoyed with a regular  tripping mind. The concert was awesome. It was easily one of the best shows I've ever seen, and taking those drugs was easily the craziest experience of my life so far. Now I'm even more intrigued by the DMT's. I want to try 5-MeO-DMT again, but next time in a spiritual sense, clean. And definitely N,N-DMT at some point, too. That form of reality is something I am so far from understanding; I really want to explore it more as I have with acid and shrooms.

And so there you have it. An AMAZING concert, and a RIDICULOUS state of mind from a lot of psychedelics. Jesus fucking hell, I really did experience pure chaos. And it was AWESOME.

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