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alaskan camping

so my bud and i were going camping at a mutual friends' cabin a few hours north of anchorage, and we decided what the shit we'll eat some mushrooms.

so my bud and i were going camping at a mutual friends' cabin a few hours north of anchorage, and we decided what the shit we'll eat some mushrooms. we whipped out the bag and split that seattle quarter in half. ezra and myself were shroomin' for the first time, so we went ballz to the wall and washed it down with some dr. pepper.

nothing happened until about an hour later when we were sitting around the campfire. i had been (a mite selfishly, i admit) nursing this gallon of minute maid and had drained it by that point. as i gazed into the flames i thought "that's kind of neat" and then i happened to look down at the "everlast" in big fabric letters across the chest of my sweatshirt and i happened to notice (perceptive fellow that i am) that the letters were swimming sort of like my hoodie was a waving flag. interesting. so i decided to stand up and walk around. came over to my friend and he wasn't feeling anything yet -- probably the o.j. i thought to myself.

as the hours progressed, my hallucinations became more and more pronounced. the grass on the ground became a waving green sea, sort of like a sea anenomie i think. as i looked at the treetops, their leaves were very similar to green flames, bleeding into the sky. at this point i was thinking holy balls.

so i was eating my pop tart a little bit later -- raspberry with pink sprinkles -- and i happened to look at it. big mistake. the pink sp[rinkles were, from my point of view, little pink eight - legged creatures. i dropped that fucker and let out a bit of a shout, drawing baffled stares from the crowd. i took the tart up to my friend and begged him to tell me there were no pink bugs on the pop tart, and he gave me a WTF look and ate that bastard so i pretty much shat. i then noticed that if i got close enough to anything, i could see the creatures it was made of -- sort of little volvox-ish hairy spheres. EVERYTHING was made of these bastards -- my body, my friends, my clothes, even the fucking air. reality was just a big sea of these fuckers and it was mind boggling.

so then my friend started showing me some card tricks -- keep in mind i don't know this chap very well -- and i was pretty fucking convinced he was the devil. i mean, his irises and pupils were filling his entire eyeballs and seeping on to his face. i am a HARD CORE agnostic, but at this point i was positive i had been living a (religious) lie. it then occured to me that since the devil was there, it must be the end of the world. i thought that the fire represented life on earth and when it went out, everybody died. as people went to sleep, i thought they were giving up on life. at this point it was pretty fucking scary, but eventually six AM rolled around and i was coming down -- the sunrise was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. another day of life on earth!

i went to my car, leaned the drivers' seat back and fell asleep to 311. life was beautiful.

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