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Kama-sutra Sex tabs

My experience on a 5 strip of what tasted like really good quality 25C-Nbome. But I'm not entirely sure what it was.

At the time i lived in a town outside of boston. It was a small community on a peninsula (So busy in the summertime). Up to this point i had tripped mostly on Magic Mushrooms and Peyote, but i was always on the look out for some Acid. i Wasn't too picky about the tabs because i had not taken tabs very many times and any experienced tripping in this day and age knows that street acid is not always LSD.

Well with that in mind i was happy to find out that one of my friends, that i will call "Scarecrow" picked up a sheet of "sex position tabs". they where little white squares and 4 of them in a square would show a black cut out of a man and a women in various positions. Apparently at the time these where all over new england. 
They tasted strong, like winter fresh bitterness that would make you gag if you tried smoking right after taking them.

Anyways i got a 5 strip of this shit and decided id hang out with my friends "L" and "T". T was my girlfriend at the time and "L" was my other friend "M"s girlfriend.
I ate the full 5 strip at my house around 3:00 Pm and walked across the street to L's house. we chatted a bit and when T got there we went inter L's basement to smoke cannabis out of T's new bowl. i tried smoking but i almost threw up due to the bitter taste now flowing down the back of my throat. 

I felt like i couldn't breath so i left the basement and stood outside waiting for the two girls to finish smoking and come outside to wait for the Town bus. (L wanted to buy 2 tabs from Scarecrow that day and trip with me, M was working till 5 so L was going to save him a tab so he could trip at my house that same night).

 started to see colors more vividly. I tried ignoring this because its only been 15 minutes since i took the 5 strip. T and L finely joined me and we waited on the curb for the towni. 

3:45Pm Im sitting on the curb smoking a cigarette feeling super nauseous now and seeing tracers behind the cars going by. My body feels cold and my tung tastes like metal. I start to mumble according to T, but i don't remember doing this. I don't remember much from the come up. it was very very intense. 

4:00Pm once on the towny i finely accepted that i was in over my head. i stared at the leather on the back of the seat in front of me, if i stared at one point everything around that one point would start to move and swirl. straight objects became warped and the sound of the bus bumbling along clumsily throughout the crowded streets of this small peninsula town seemed unbearably loud. Not only that but i could hear on the radio "Day in the life" by the Beatles. In most situations this would be a great song but when I'm overwhelmed, the build up of orchestra chaos between john and paula verses made me want to pull my hair out.

Once off the bus i felt a brush of fresh sea air over my skin and felt overjoyed and free. Everything was brilliant and had a depth to it i can't describe. Peoples faces became almost cartoonish. i barley remember doing the deal for the extra tabs because i was too busy admiring the pink flower ballerinas dancing in the cherry blossom tree's. I felt like a small child and remember skipping a few times.

4:30pm We are almost half way back to L's house. As i walk the street is a colorful blur of cars and their interlocking trails. I feel as though I'm on a treadmill and walking in a vacuums of time, but this did not scare me, it was almost comforting. I felt void of responsibility or worry at least until my friend L's tab started kicking in. This was only the second time she ever tripped before. We decided to take a break at the park downtown by a store named "Riddles". 

at this point i couldn't keep track of time, when i looked down at my phone the numbers and letters where meaningless. L was sitting in the grass trying not to get sea sick from what ever visuals she was beginning to experience while T took roll as babysitter and comforted her. I sat on the swing looking into the sand and what i saw can only be described as magnification of the sand grains. i could see each individual sand grain unclose and personal and i saw that the seemingly random assortment of sand was actually a kaleidoscope of color and fractal geometry. i started rocking my head back and forth because every time at that spot in the sand from a different angle it would almost spin like a pin wheel. (Forgive me this is such a hard thing to put into words).

When i felt the peak it was probably about  6 or 7 but all i know is that it was sunset. somehow i made my way to the pier that looked out across sailboats over the bay to the boston skyline, the sun was setting in the same general direction. i was laying out on the pier flat listening to the wind and the sound  of the ocean with a smile stapled on my face, watching the sky melt reds and oranges and yellows all over the city which grew in size and depth repeatedly. the sun didn't hurt my eyes and begged me to stare into it but i knew it wasn't smart and avoided that. rather when i was done with the city i looked at the sky. the clouds swirled into what looked like square spirals, similar to that in aztec art.

The over all vibe i got from those Kama-Sutra Tabs was that of a nervous deer suddenly becoming a nervous SELF AWARE deer. haha. 
Though this dose was a bit absurd, my friends later noted that i was shaking a lot, uncontrollably at times. and at one point my inner monolog became my outer monolog. luckily nothing crazy was revealed. Any who when ever taking street acid just be carful and never underestimate the shit your given.

This was a long time ago and i will be editing this most likely, the more i remember the more i will add to this. but it was a strange, some people said it was too strong to be Nbombs and it sounded more like DOT or DOB but i can't get over the taste and the notable hangover the next day. it screams NBOME. btw Forgive me for i am a shit writer but I'm just sick of sharing my stories with people who havn't had psychedelic experiences. 

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